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GOP 'Terrified of a 29-Year-Old Latina': Trump Jr. and Party Take Aim at AOC

GOP 'Terrified of a 29-Year-Old Latina': Trump Jr. and Party Take Aim at AOC

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Hillary Clinton is no longer the most targeted Republican foe—that dubious honor, ahead of the 2020 election, belongs to freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The New York Democrat's rise to prominence in the GOP mind was on full display Thursday evening in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where President Donald Trump held a "rambling and lie-filled rally," as Common Dreams reported early Friday.

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Wow! Progressives now have someone the fascists seem terrified of! But what I worry about is the Trump’s crowd penchant for violence. AOC, please be careful!


america is populated with some of the most propagandized, programmed, and, yes, STOOPID people in the industrialized world. I am ashamed to my core to even be related by species to the “MAGA MORONS”!


“We have met the enemy…”

The GOP is right (far right) to be terrified of AOC.
She is ten times smarter than they are.
And that is indeed threatening to them.


Great reminder to send another little bit of cash supporting AOC.


Don’t be ashamed. Be informed. Be angry. Be ready. Our time will come…


"MAGA MORONS" have little to no respect for women outside the obvious primitive carnal reasons.

A woman with an intellect, literally blows the small number of brain cells these primates have remaining, after their morning constitution.

The rest get flushed.


But hurrah to youth. Imagine a woman not yet 30 years of age, able to strike fear in the hearts of fossilized men who have made it this far without a heart.

Yes Alexandra be safe because a wounded animal is more dangerous than one that it not threatened.


I cannot resist commenting how the publishers are happy to print photos which catch “the morons” with their mouths wide open. They even printed several of Guiado with horrible grimace in addition to an obvious shouting or screaming.


Why does the media as well as others label her as “latina”? Is she not just someone who cares deeply for her Country? Ya, I’m just an old white Dude, right?
…all of our shadows are the same…


Also one must include corporate, ‘liberal’ media in efforts to smear AOC and her progressive actions. What they call radical is midstream in countries that have universal healthcare, paid maternity leave, subsidized child care, paid higher education and a host of other social devices to keep folks living a decent quality of life. So why don’t we have it here? Answer: Greed, a regressive tax system, spineless representatives beholden to corporate bribes(donations), oligarchs controlling other levers of power and ability to install judges conducive to let businesses to screw workers any way they can. AOC isn’t constrained by corporate interests and that scares any one to the right of left center; centrist and especially the greedy right and far right. GOOD!!!


And our blood is as red as any other person in the world. Time to stop labeling folks and get on with business of getting along with everybody else; as best we can anyway.


Thank you Sir!!!

But unlike HRC, I would actually consider voting for AOC.


Identity politics, Man. That’s the foundation of party politics.

That may be but doesn’t make it right or acceptable, does it?

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Well, here’s another perspective. AO-C, Tlaib, and Omar are treated differently than their white colleagues. They’re hardly alone. From today’s New York Times:

Donna Edwards, the first black woman to represent Maryland in Congress, visited the Palestinian territories three times, including one trip to Gaza, during her five terms, from 2008 to 2017. On her visit to Gaza in 2009, with two white Democratic congressmen, she was singled out and detained for an hour and a half. When the three later went to a meeting at the Israeli foreign ministry, she was again separated from her white colleagues and questioned for nearly two hours about who she was visiting and why she had gone to Gaza. In 2012, she and five other congresswomen, all but one of them black, took a trip partly sponsored by J Street to Israel and the West Bank. In Hebron, the group saw how Israel had turned formerly bustling Palestinian areas into a ghost town of empty streets made, in the army’s term, “sterile” (that is, free of Palestinians) for Israeli settlers. The street on which they stood, Shuhada, where Palestinians are not permitted to walk, was previously paved and painted by the United States Agency for International Development, funded by American taxpayers. In the alleys behind Shuhada, where Palestinians are permitted to walk, Edwards and her colleagues looked up to see garbage-filled nets hanging above their heads, put up to catch trash thrown by Israeli settlers. “We had never seen anything like that,” she told me recently. “Hebron is the place where I think you can see in the most frightening way what the injustice is, where you have people on one side of the street who live one way and people on another side of the street living another way. And streets that some people can cross and walk on, but other people cannot. To me, it looked like the stories that my mother and my grandmother told me about living in the South.”

The group walked to meet a local Palestinian activist, Issa Amro, who has been arrested repeatedly for nonviolently challenging racial segregation in Hebron. As they approached a “sterile road,” they were stopped by Israeli soldiers. Prevented from moving, the U.S. lawmakers locked arms and sang “We Shall Overcome.”

I recommend reading the entire article. I attack the NYTimes repeatedly as a center right rag, but they took a chance treating this sensitive subject --yes, completely wrapped in identity politics – with such openness:


If the GOP is terrified of you, you must be doing something right.


That’s the first thing to hit me, that she will need an entourage like that of a presidential candidate, or a security squad like that of an MLK.