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GOP Tries to 'Jam' Through Nominees Not Yet Vetted, Ethics Office Warns


GOP Tries to 'Jam' Through Nominees Not Yet Vetted, Ethics Office Warns

Lauren McCauley, staff writer


Bottom line is, what can be done about this abject failure? Is it, Oh well, missed the deadline so never mind. Or is it serious enough that citizens, elected officials, etc., can take this to court. Would the court refuse standing to them? It's not enough to tell us that this is happening. I want to know what are the possible consequences of this failure and what, if any, remedies are open.


Mrs Warren, if you had backed Bernie you would be in power now. Why you backed a Wall Streeter raises doubt about your sincerity.

We keep looking vainly for a politician to save us when only we can save ourselves.

Online Direct Democracy


The bottom line is that, it doesn't matter whether or not any of these boobs were investigated. The senate and house are controlled by the GOP. Short of the most extensive and conscientious application of the filibuster in the history of the conformation process, all of these demagogs will meet with swift approval.

The Republic of Kochastan will be founded in January 21st of 2017.


She was neutral in the primary. She's a Democrat and a Senator, also. While I supported Sanders, then Stein, historians would say that's consistent of Warren, et al. And, while I support your call for direct democracy, the scandal here is the Anonymous Authoritarian Ruler's power play. 23% of the voting public is now in charge of 77% of the people who don't like their policies enough to have even considered voting for them.


And so the rule of Impunity begins. Really--what can we do? When it was revealed that 50 electors were seated illegally, did one senator stand up to support a review? Nope. That was our last clear chance for democratic rule. Instead, we have our representatives sitting on their hands, whistling, looking up in the air, pretending they don't hear, so that they can keep their jobs and positions and not rock the boat. Pah.


Do the nominees have to be vetted before they are approved or is it just a formality?


I would say they're not concerned about rocking the boat as much as they're worried about being thrown overboard, without a flotation device. That being $$$, naturally.
Until the Democratic Party cleans out the DNC we'll see this " sitting on of hands " behavior continue.
While the illegal seating of electors was bad, the bipartisan sentiment against the UN vote regarding illegal Israeli settlements, was even worse. The criminality of Israeli actions can hardly be pointed out and challenged when both parties are in the tank for the likes of the Likudites represented by a criminal Netanyahu family, etc. The Israeli lobby is now more comfortable in the Trump camp, apparently. Good by me, as their friendship reminds me of the old saw " with friends like this, who needs enemies ".
We're in deep doodoo whatever direction you turn to for guidance. $$$ is this country's only reason to be united, as Trump's election so painfully proved.


All Dem members of the committee should refuse to attend hearings on any nominee who hasn't been properly vetted. And several of the nominees should be rejected out of hand. Sessions should obviously be a non-starter. Tillerson too. DeVos, Pruitt, I don't think they should even attend hearings on candidates that bad. The Dems should be unified in their refusal to rubber stamp this den of thieves. We should tell them that's what we expect.


Would this be the same office that Republicans were trying to get rid of just last week?


As if DT was "properly vetted"? Join the privileged club of the un-vetted.


I'm wondering about that, too.


So anxious are they to make America great again.


Yes it is.


The ghost of Leona Helmsley whispers, "Only the little people need to follow the law...."


Does this sound familiar?
DNC tries to "Jam" through Hillary Clinton as Democratic nominee.


Can you provide a source for this, please? The closest I was able to find was....

"We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes"
-- Leona Helmsley



Seems like Trump got his ethnics issues in line for the most part. Oh wait, the word is "ethics"--my bad.