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GOP Under Fire for Offering 'Emaciated' Covid Relief Plan as Record Layoffs Continue and Mass Evictions Loom

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/03/gop-under-fire-offering-emaciated-covid-relief-plan-record-layoffs-continue-and-mass

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So here we are amidst a growing situation of strife due to the c-virus pandemic. Yet the politicians are doing nothing for the actual people suffering from the crisis. This will tank the economy and what’s left will be worthless in today’s markets as they slide off the rails.

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You can always count on the mainstream Dems for letters proclaiming outrage toward trump and his band of criminals followed by inaction until, like a woodchuck, they re-emerge and maybe kick up a little dust along the way. But never do they even try to thwart what they are ostensibly railing against. Time to call them out. Ever hear any of them proclaim trump the treasonous bastard he is? Of course not because they have become, or always have been, what trump is, enemies of the general welfare state proffered by the Constitution. And it starts at the top with the elitist phony Pelosi whose steadfast opposition to anything progressive on behalf of the citizenry has long defined her politics. So yes, elect the moldy old toadstool Biden, then begin the process of driving the neocon pricks from power. Time also for House Dems to start to boot them out when time comes to elect a speaker. They can’t hurt you if they’re not there. Come on wimps. Start acting like the people’s reps you were elected to be. Still waiting for Pelosi, for example, to endorse universal healthcare and to not hide behind an “effort” to “extend” Obamacare—whatever that means. We don’t hear that from them because they don’t want us to have it while they enjoy their healthcare paid for by us. Get rid of these enemies of the people now.


Can we hire some “new” grassy knoll guys now?

I called the C.I.A. they said none available.

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I am fully convinced that both parties want state and local governments to go bankrupt so their donors can buy public resources for pennies on the dollar and in order to fully end unions in the US. I also expect a number of Democrats to be open this monstrosity. If this passes, there should be mass protests against all of these worthless people. They shouldn’t have power.


It’s not just both parties. It’s how our government was originally conceived, to protect the wealthy private property owners. Period. All the progessive stuff was added on, with a wink and a nod that it all could revert back to zero. And it has, gradually. In the beginning, all was private. Only thing that was funded by governments was the military, which is the end game goal of all the libertarians/Tea Party/ Koch-DeVos cult.
What to do next? We’re up against it, with those in charge gradually teaching consumers(no more citizens) that Big Government is the Big Bad Wolf and that the kindly businessman can do the same things for much less. The Elite are ready to take it all, gratis. Forget pennies on the dollar for The Commons like water systems. They will just take it.
As far as relief for the workers and everyone else…nope. That’s welfare. Socialism. It will be the cherry on top of the Economic Liberty sundae to have a mass of millions of hungry, homeless people competing with the rest of the earth’s workers for a few jobs, with slave wages. As for the economy…they already have enough to survive for thousands of years. It can crash for all they care.
Congrats to the GOP and the Senate. You have served the overlords faithfully. Hate to tell you that you will be sacrificed as extraneous as well. Didn’t see that coming, did ya, Moscow Mitch?

They want people to lose control, both parties covertly want to get rid of the minimum wage, put millions of people out of their homes and jobs, basically because they insist that wages must fall to global normal levels, and then outsource millions of jobs. Don’t fall for it. We need new candidates who are not crooks or involved with these crooked parties or organizations. Americans basically all want the same things. Don’t fall for their scheme to divide the nation. Everybody’s interest are the same. They are creating a set of conditions to pit people against one another in a struggle for the same jobs. But the fact of the matter is, the world’s economy is headed towards one where we can automate most work and we need to share that additional time so that everybody’s life is improved. Under the current approach, new inventions are typically stolen from their inventors and patents don’t go to their inventors, they are monopolized to keep them away from helping people. A prime example is how we deny millions of people access to life saving drugs…

One doesnt have to dig very deeply to find the four decade old (at least) of this huge global scheme to redictribute wealth upward to the world’s oligarchs.

This is pretty tough talk coming from Chuck Schumer, a little Jewish guy who has always cared more about getting billions of dollars in US aid to Israel than in getting it to his constituents in NY.

Chuck Schumer, the career sell out who is now frustrated to find that someone else wants to sell him out. The Irony is delicious.

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Yes there was an impeachment you may have missed. Not saying the Dems are all that helpful.

All of that strip mining has effected the water in KY. First McConnell, now this jackwang:


Poor families work really hard to amass the few posessions they own, and they are precious to them. Evictions are a process that often strips people of literally everything they posess.

Its really evil to just shrug and say, its their fault for being poor" as it seems many Republican legilslators are effectively saying.

What do they plan to do in a few years when there are literally no jobs?


Narcissists are MEANER to people the weaker they perceive them to be.

They always try to take advantage of people who display compassion for others. they frame it as a weakness. It you have the fortune to be born with a functioning emotional system despite having a family of narcissists, you really have no choice but to disengage yourself as carefully as you can. I’ll leave it at that.

They are often abusers of the worst kind and very dangerous to your mental health and safety.

CoolBreeze: I hear you and you are correct about the impeachment but still no one came out and cited trump for committing treason during the proceedings nor called his actions treasonous. If someone did, I missed it, and I’m wrong in that belief. Nonetheless there is a huge difference between articulating something and leaving it to auditors to infer what you mean. This failure permeates the Democratic approach to their communications. The prime example of this practice is their neglect of explaining what they mean by the term “social” or “socialist,” or “democratic socialism.” Not doing this frees the Republicans to equate these terms with Stalinism, which is, of course, ridiculously outrageous. But to the uninformed and misinformed it’s what they need to hear. Don’t attack “those” people. Attack the economic status threat they represent. It’s this approach that legitimizes, for them, the trump right claim that they are not racist. The failure of Democrats to define their socio-political positions in opposition, and thus to manage the public dialog, opens the doors to trumpian distortions of and distractions from those positions. If it’s treasonous, we need to hear about it in those exact terms and not expect voters to infer it for themselves, because they won’t.

Both parties neoliberal religion makes them blind.

Their sellout trade deals already decided what they can and will do which is nothing good.

NOTHING except alienating our rights. Corporations have rights in this situation, and countries have to compensate THEM if countries limit their use of their investments, but we the people don’t have any rights, they have no accountability to us, or to respect our investments. In fact they may even have a responsibility to lie to us, under their little scheme.