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GOP "Witch Hunt" Panel Concludes With Anti-Choice Plan of Attack


GOP "Witch Hunt" Panel Concludes With Anti-Choice Plan of Attack

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

House Republicans' anti-choice "witch hunt" against Planned Parenthood came to a close this week—after 15 months and $1.59 million—with an expansive final report that, unsurprisingly, recommends stripping federal funds from the women's healthcare provider.


The biggest point that needs to be made again and again (and this article once again slides over) is that federal funds paid to Planned Parenthood have nothing to do with abortion. They are Medicaid reimbursements for health care that has been provided, just as private insurers reimburse providers for services rendered. The funding discussion must be divorced from all discussion of abortion.


Right on! Also most of planned parenthood services are wellness exams like mammograms. Guess these "men" and their "chics" do not even care if other women get cancer.


Hey, here's a "good" one: Why don't we role back laws so that women don't have the right to work or vote? Then let's take away right to bank, drive, have sex( unless it's for children)? Doesn't that sound insane or what?


I checked the website for this committee. The first red flag is that this "select committee" is under Energy and Commerce committee, which isn't really the appropriate place for a healthcare "investigation". The second appalling thing I noticed what that TWO doctors signed off on this committee's lies and harassment. The misbehaving doctors are Congressman Larry Bucshon, M.D. and Congressman Andy Harris, M.D. I don't suppose we can make a complaint to their licensing boards?

(There were also too many women, but I feel more pity and sadness for them. Except for Marsha Blackburn, who chaired this McCarthyite travesty.)


Since I am not in either doctor/congressperson's districts I contacted them through Facebook. I messaged Mr Bucshon and I have attached the script below. This is a man who is very much drunk the Kool Aid, as his responses indicate below. If he and the Republicans had actual done any investigating they would have realized that their claims are full of horse hockey.

Conversation started today
Amy Pemberton
Amy Pemberton
Mr Bucshon, I tried to email you but your page only allows people who lives in your district to leave messages so I am using this forum instead. I just discovered that your were a member of the so-called "Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives". I also see that you're an MD. I am shocked that you would so forget your professional ethics to participate in this committee's harassment of physicians and their patients. Claiming to support infant lives means less than nothing if you attack their mothers and those providing healthcare to them. I hope you would reconsider your support of this committee's work and re-dedicate yourself to supporting all organization who work to provide good healthcare for all.
Rep. Larry Bucshon
Rep. Larry Bucshon
Abortion isn't healthcare and selling fetal body parts is not ethical and moral. Even pro choice people should be appalled by essentially a black market dealing in human parts. I support healthcare for everyone but the ongoing message by liberals equating woman's healthcare with access to abortion is deceptive and appalling.
Amy Pemberton
Amy Pemberton
We would be appalled by the selling of body parts if it were actually happening. It isn't. That's well established - you can ask the Democrats on the Committee for the evidence if haven't already seen it. Relying on a discredited video and secret evidence doesn't help your case - rather the opposite. And the real affect of the behavior of the Republicans on your committee is going to be to deny healthcare to women and not just abortion. As a physician that should concern you, as should a respect for the truth.
Amy Pemberton
Amy Pemberton
Oh, and to be clear, abortion IS healthcare. My comment was meant to say that Committee's actions will affect access to healthcare beyond abortion. Ironically, it may increase abortion but limiting access to birth control to prevent unplanned pregnancy.
Rep. Larry Bucshon
Rep. Larry Bucshon
Actually, the evidence is public and very clear. It is not just the video. There are roughly 13,000 community health centers across the country and only about 700 PPH clinics. PPH clinics are in business for one reason, to provide abortions. There are plenty of other options for real healthcare services. And the sale of body parts was happening. It is false to say that it wasn't. It will not limit access to birth control, that is false. You can get BCPs for free at many other places that are not PPH. That is false that it will limit access to BCPs and other forms of birth control.


Bucshon is shown on his site as a heart surgeon, Harris as an anesthesiologist, specializing in obstetrics and "helping women through labor and delivery." So the latter is into the medicalization of a natural procedure. Nice.

Actually, the closest the videos came to truth is that providing for reuse of tissue from abortions provides, as does organ transplantation, some solace to those who've faced terrible times and choices. I would simply challenge Mr. Bucshon for his "evidence" other than the videos.