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GOP's Balanced Budget Charade in the House "Utter Bullshit," Group Declares

GOP's Balanced Budget Charade in the House "Utter Bullshit," Group Declares

Jon Queally, staff writer

With the U.S. House of Representatives debating on Thursday a Balanced Budget Amendment put forth by Republicans, a group of wealthy progressives who say the tax system and overall economy is already skewed too much in their favor declared that Americans should not be fooled for one second about what the GOP is up to and argued the legislation should be called out for exactly what it is.

"Let's not mince our words," said Stephen Prince, vice chair of the Patriotic Millionaires, "the Balanced-Budget Amendment the House is voting on today is utter horseshit."


I would add to his comment that the GOP are “the greedy, pay no taxes, take from the poor, protect the rich,” party, that they also like to spend enormous sums on militarism even while cutting taxes. The Democrats are just as guilty when it comes to paying too much on “defense” and war procurement.


Isn’t the entire GOP in all its hideous destructive agenda (and those it serves) total Bull Shit take from the poor and middle class to gift the wealthiest in our society? Add the sociopath trump agenda (and quisling DINO’s and war-machine) and we have a perfect storm of corrupt depraved service to the rich and powerful at the expense of all others and critical needs of our ostensibly civilian nation!

White, rich, corrupt, depraved, and proud…


Some of the most pervasive fake news of the post Raygun era has been myths about GOP “budget policy wonk Ryan”, and “deficit hawks fighting against deficits and seeking balanced budgets”.

Ever since Raygun ran up a debt and deficit larger than all of his 38 predecessors combined, the GOP’s track record is 180 degrees from the fake news we are fed 24/7.

Ryan’s budget expertise has been limited to taking from the poor and working class and giving to the wealthy (reverse Robin Hood), while being a Congressional deficit hawk has meant giving a blank check to the 1% and their military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) , then blaming the resulting deficits on “domestic programs”, thereby rationalizing their cutting funds for those programs.

Trump is right about fake news…he just fails to mention that he, the GOP and their faux news network originate more fake news than all other sources combined.


GOP rules –
First throw a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ at the wealthy –
then create a budget crisis and austerity programs for the 99%.

Impeachment should start with the corporate-fascist Supreme Court which
made bribery legal.


Actually, this is a great opportunity to teach the Republicans they should beware of unintended consequences. Demographics combine with the arc of history to show that the conservatives will soon be a permanent minority. Recent trends indicate an eventual end to all the tricks they use to stay in power. Once they are back in the minority, a Balanced Budget Amendment would mean that every time they want a war, we will have no choice but to raise taxes on the rich. The rest of the time, deep cuts to the Defense budget would be required by the same amendment. So a balanced budget would eventually mean less war and more income equality!

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“pay no taxes”?

the top 1% pays close to half of all Federal incomes taxes. The bottom 40% pays nothing

These guys (and some gals) are con artists of the highest order. They had this scheme all planned out to gut the poor and middle class in America - after they have had a massive tax cut for the richest. They are truly a conspiracy of traitors against the American people and, I think, against the people of the world. We have a responsibility to remove them from power and reverse all that they have done to destroy the common good.


Yes, if there was any justice Ryan would be looking at a life term for robbery of the highest order.


The most obvious example being Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass (aka DWS), henchperson of the Payday Lenders.  It’s hard to find anything good about Tweetle-Dumb and his fellow kleptocrats, but at least his win kept Dirty Debbie from becoming Krooked Hilliary’s Secretary of the Treasury – or worse.

Of course they’re “patriots”, at least in the old-fashioned ‘Amerika first’ sense, at least so long as Amerika’s M-IC (including militarized local police) maintains the Empire – both here and abroad – that is the source of their ill-gotten wealth.

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Why are you supporting the 1%? In spite of what you say, they don’t pay their fair share. Also, the bottom 40% would pay more in taxes if the greedy CEO’s would take a billion less in salary and increase their workers’ pay.


every time they want a war - they should volunteer to be on the front lines.


probably because the bottom has nothing to pay with. they have been robbed by the richest.


What you mean-um “volunteer”, Kemo Sabé?

They should be drafted — and closely watched so if they try to desert they can be publicly hanged.

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I’m not supporting anybody. I’m simply pointing out the facts. The rich and well off pay almost everything.

CEO’s don’t make billions. A CEO of a company with 1,000 employees who “takes” $1M less is only $1k per employee.

No, I’m saying - if they want a war - they should be the one’s fighting it. Not the children of the middle class and poor who they see as cannon fodder for the fantasies. They need to get real and put up or shut up.

"At what point, concluded Prince, are Americans “going to stop seeing Republicans in both houses of Congress as the well-intentioned, fiscally wise party that they used to be for what they really are – the greedy, pay no taxes, take from the poor, protect the rich (people like me) party they’ve really become?”

A damn good question, and one you can also apply to the other half of the Duopoly as well. Are Americans really that fucking stupid, where they really don’t see who these politicians work for? Or are they so devoid of independent, critical thinking skills, that they simply blindly accept the propaganda that is shoved down their throats by the MSM/Fox/Trump/Congressional leaders? If the former, then too fucking bad and they deserve what they get. If the latter, then the same. Either way, there are too many moronic imbeciles walking among us who are far too devoted to their Team to see the truth right before them. This goes for all you Democrat Party partisan whores, and all you Trump MAGA dipshit whores, and all you Rethuglican partisan whores.

Fuck the Duopoly. Start using your brains, Americans. Start voting values, not Teams. There is no “lesser” evil, just evil.

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LOL get off this forum, Troll. Your bullshit is stinky. With all of the tax loopholes that the 1% is able to take advantage of - including the fact that the vast majority of their income is made through capital gains, NOT wages - and thus taxed at 15% not the usual income tax rates the vast majority of us working stiffs have to pay. Also, us working 99% have to pay FICA taxes on ALL of our income. You 1% fuckers only have to pay on $112,000 of yours. So if you make $10 million/year, you are only paying FICA taxes on 1% of your income. They may pay - DOLLAR-WISE - a larger amount in taxes, PERCENTAGE-WISE they pay a tiny fraction of what the 99% working schmucks have to pay.

Nobody’s buying what you are shoveling. Try the MAGA crowd, they are stupid enough to believe that horseshit.


The 1% may pay a large share of taxes and considering the extreme disparity of wealth in the USA, they should. When the tax code was more progressive, and the filthy rich paid in excess of 90% in taxes, they still maintained their excessive lifestyles.


Taxes to the wealthy are like their lobbying efforts. They are paid back those taxes ten times over in the way of subsidies, Government Contracts and policies passed that ensure their wealth protected by the State.

The way the USA is structured is like this. There a family of ten and a huge cooking pot. The Father makes this rule. BOB you get to help yourself to the pot first and you can take all you like. Bob takes enough to feed 9 and the other 9 have to share the rest. Father then says BOB you should share some of that with your 9 sibs as there not enough to go around. Bob then complains he the only one that has to share. When the other 9 ask that the rules be changed so they get equal share to the pot, Father says no , that is Socialism.

Stupid way to run a family and a stupid way to run a country.