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GOP's Deja Vu Budget Slashes Social Programs to Fund Tax Cuts for Rich


GOP's Deja Vu Budget Slashes Social Programs to Fund Tax Cuts for Rich

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

House Republicans are under fire for their new 10-year budget blueprint, released Tuesday, that proposes increasing military spending by $72.4 billion while slashing more than $200 billion from social programs.


We have heard the trickle down mantra before. “CUT TAXES FOR THE WEALTHY AND THEY’'LL CREATE JOBS”. Reagan played that tune and so did Clinton. They did create jobs. Like Apple they created all those jobs in China and parked their massive trillions off shore. And we were left with a massive IOU of 28 trillion to other countries. And now these idiots want to double down. I recently heard that a state has sold its highway system to a foreign country and that China owns most of the California ports. TRUE? Trump lied to us. He is a carpetbagger from Russia


And if we complain about it, they just might have to False Flag us again.


Massive numbers of people must be wishing these monsters to drop dead…


The hope is that people are not being fooled again and many, such as you, clearly are not. Good to see so many out in the streets but we must seriously consider ongoing General Strikes and roll out the total, Gandhian non cooperation. It is time. Neither the GOP nor the corporate Dems are listening.


Yay, tax “reform” and the Ryan budget. We’ve got to beat these bastards too.


The feeling seems mutual at the very least.


Election results since Saint Ron reinvigorated trickle down economics confirm that many Murkins are color blind, not having noticed that everything that trickled down during the past three plus decades has been YELLOW.


Every. Single. One. Of. Them!


We must be dissatisfied until the walls that separate the city of wealth and comfort and the city of poverty and despair is demolished by the forces of justice.

We must be dissatisfied until integration of all Americans is not seen as a problem but as an opportunity to participate in the beauty of diversity.

We must not allow the necessities be taken from the masses to give luxuries to the rich and to finance wars of profit.


With nowhere near enough to even buy a pot to piss in!


Nonetheless, their gooiest wet dream remains to repeal, obliterate, decimate, sh*tcan everything FDR.

And they–channeled with ALEC–are well positioned to get there in the Koch Brothers’ lifetimes.


But they’ve still got some other important things to fund apparently:


NPR ran a story yesterday about the F35 fighter jet. It said the proposed $400 billion program will actually clock in at $1 trillion or more. The costs of bases, personnel, training and support, etc. were figured into the trillion dollar figure.

ONE TRILLION DOLLARS for one fighter jet fleet when drones are doing most of the warfare currently.

“We’d like to provide you with Health Care, Education, and middle class Tax Relief, but… There’s. Just. No. Money.”


It’s crazy.


So glad that the Repug party is divided against itself. Right now that’s the only thing saving us (in part) from an horrific agenda. We need to remember that much of that in-fighting is a result of pressure from constituents, and keep it up. Of course, we’ll have to be paying attention in the ‘dead of night’ as gag-worthy Ryan seems to enjoy unilaterally tearing up bi-partisan agreements (the AUMF amendment) at that hour.


With these surly curmudgeons (GOP), it is the same S - - T story, different day/year/decade/score. They only push to "shrink’ government when it encroaches on their corporate sponsors through regulatory compliance and oversight; they expand government when it feeds the MIC monster and pays for their pet projects (perpetual war, e.g.). And when it comes to representing and advocating for the best interests of all Americans within their districts/states and outside, they conveniently forget that they (all humans and life), too have needs, worries, families, health concerns, etc.


And they appear to be hell bent on carrying it out.