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GOP's Vague New Tax Plan Can't Hide True Aim: Massive Tax Cuts for Wealthy


GOP's Vague New Tax Plan Can't Hide True Aim: Massive Tax Cuts for Wealthy

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With the nation's attention fixed on the Senate GOP's attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), several congressional Republicans, and two White House aides—who together make up a group called the "big six"—unveiled on Thursday an outline of their tax objectives that critics argued is so vague that it obscures their real aim: to slash taxes for the wealthiest Americans.


A devil’s dream duo: Lyin’ Ryan and Magus McConnell crafting a Death Act with the sole purpose of ramming (bend over, Americans…here it comes) through tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations (their benefactors, of course)…there is absolutely NOTHING about this atrocity against humanity that speaks to the health and well-being of 99.9% of Americans. NADA, ZIPPO, ZILCH. What a train wreck!


The thing is that somehow the Republicans continue to hold the debate hostage to their talking points. For example where do we ever hear reporters asking Ryan or McConell to put proof on the table so that all can see how tax cuts will boost jobs and the economy? The Repubs keep saying that it will but they are never asked to prove it! Reagan tried, so did it work or not? If it works why don’t they show us the proof that it worked? It didn’t work when Bush/Cheney tried it.

People (the media) should demand that when they say tax cuts will ‘lift workers and boost the economy’ then why in hell after all this time (and history to draw facts from) are they never asked to prove what they say?

Too many reporters make really high salaries I guess? Don’t rock the boat any more than they have to? We have lost an advocate for the public that our (mainstream) press once used to be!


In hopes of improving understanding some medical journals used to print ‘review’ articles about diseases.
What is needed here is a review.:
The theory is that lower taxes will improve the economic system by increasing the money supply.
So far so good.
The question is whether it is best to leave that money with the ‘rich’ who might ,or might not, create jobs, or to let the poor have the money. The poor will certainly spend the money to buy the things that they have already produced by their labour. Letting the rich get richer has been tried many times and it has not worked out so well for the poor. I think it is clearly time to give the new QUANTITATIVE EASING, [for which you should read MONEY] to the people, in EQUAL SHARES FOR EACH CITIZEN.

If all the people, or even all the readers of Common Dreams knew where the money supply really comes from it would be a step towards a solution.


Well aren’t you precious!

So to answer your question which you didn’t seem to notice yourself, no i don’t think the government spends my tax dollars better than I would - just look at the bizarrely gigantic military budget. How is it that General Electric paid less in taxes than I did (a working man)? How is it possible that giant corporations can pay a ‘negative tax rate’ where they get back money from the government on their taxes to the tune of tens of millions when they actually paid no taxes whatsoever that year?


Gee always huh? Trickle down and increased GDP huh? So I imagine that you could actually prove this claim with some actual facts right? I mean it is funny how some people love to claim these things you cite but then history would show it is true right? Like when Reagan did tax cuts? He had to restore them because the economy tanked. Or Bush/Cheney two trillion in tax cuts that supposedly would create jobs but where? In Asia? In fact when Republicans are in charge our economybusually takes a severe hit until the Democrats come in and repair the damage like when Clinton balanced the budget and the huge surplus Bush/Cheney found waiting for them when they came in and then squandered leaving us in debt and a second class manufacturer of our own technology. Repubs are all about tax cuts for the wealthy not good governance nor improving the economy.


Full employment you say? Was this the same Bush/Cheney whose two terms were virtually catastrophic in the damage they did to America and which ended in the worst financial crisis to the tune of a bail out of 18 trillion, the foreclosure on millions of American households, a failed war in Iraq (Bush never even got Bin Ladin) that cost trillions and resulted only in the destabilization of the Mideast and the spread of terrorism because of it?

Um? That one? Show some proof of what you say. You could say the moon is made of green cheese but you would be hard put to prove that it was. Prove the things you claim. I asked you that before and once again you make statements that you believe are true I suppose but which you seem unable to prove with facts from the record. Full employment huh? You are ridiculous and if that’s the best you can do…then we are done!