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#GOPTaxScam Equals a Big Win for Investors in Mass Incarceration


#GOPTaxScam Equals a Big Win for Investors in Mass Incarceration

Julia Conley, staff writer

Because private prisons are classified as "real estate investment trusts," investors will get a major tax cut thanks to the Republican tax law


“Real estate investment trusts”. That is just perverse…


The criminal “justice” system has been big business for awhile and why, especially now with private prisons, there is no incentive to change the system. This may also contribute to more criminalization of poor people and people of color to fill the prisons and the pockets of the predator class.

The notion of profiting from the misfortune of a class and color by another class and color should be abhorrent to all people of goodwill. Time to stop apologizing for capitalism–it is monstrous!


Note that the reclassification happened during the past administration…


People have said that crime doesn’t pay, the reality is crime pays very well. If we look at all of the people who are employed by crime each and every day in our society, we have to acknowledge that if crime stopped tomorrow our economy would crash. You have more police today than you’ve ever had. You have your city police, your county police, your state police, your federal police, your secret police. Your secret police who watch the secret police. You also have your lawyers, judges jailers and their supporting staff… And code enforcers


The real criminals are the ones that use Real Estate Investment Trusts in order to make $ off of mostly petty criminals and the mentally dysfunctional.


Well said. True for most petty criminals, crime usually does not pay; but also true, that the reality is that crime usually pays very well for the oligarchs and other very wealthy major criminals.


Liberals, watcha gonna do when they come for you, :scream: or :muscle:t6: ?


“what ya gonna do about me”—Quicksilver Messenger Service-------this song is timeless.


Not necessarily by the last administration.


This is all just another huge ripoff of the public; Criminal “Justice”, Education, “Defense”, Public airwaves, Public lands, Public water, Public utilities, National Parks…in other words everything traditionally owned and operated for the benefit of Society, is being subverted/converted/financialized for the profits of private investors. This has been the long-term plan of Republicans fo decades, and now they have been given the power to take it all.

Kevin Phillips warned of this in American Theocracy (2006), as one of the three parts of the Triad of dying Empire. Now it is happening. The most uninformed, misinformed, religion-addled voters of any of Earth’s supposedly “advanced nations” share the blame.


You don’t have to look far to find laws or regulations or devices that could turn everyone into a criminal and cause people to become a private prison resident.

You mentioned code enforcement. How about something simple like an uncut lawn? Maybe your dog barks too much. Or maybe your dog left a pile of shitzbits in Mnuchin’s driveway and you failed to pick it up. The red light and other traffic control cameras seem to be the new revenue enhancers for many towns and cities. If your license turns up on a photo and you can’t afford to fight it or pay the fine, you could wind up doing time in the Greybar Hotel with others from your neighborhood.


Hmmm: If prisoners are tenants, then can they be evicted?
As a prisoner long ago, I was evicted a couple of times – but that meant only being sent from one prison to another.
So I guess that approach not going to do anyone any good.


As if private prisons aren’t already near the pinnacle of cynicism, one learns of this.
Republicans: Not a party, but a plague.


The answer is contained in this story.


President Obama was phasing out for-profit prisons, in which conditions border on inhumane and which have higher rates of assaults on guards and escapes. When you can bleed a literally captive population for every nickel, and when you use minimum levels of staffing, you are creating dangerous conditions that are dangerous for prisoners, guards and the general public. Fake President (he isn’t a real one, he just plays one on TV) Trump, on the other hand, thinks private prisons are just dandy, and so, apparently does our Republican Congress, which reduced the tax rate on profits from them. Is there no population in America, other than white Christian males, who are safe from depredation by the Trump administration?


Just another example of how deep the sickness in the U.S. goes. Now we make it even easier to profit off of the incarceration of others. Disgusting.