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Gorsuch Dodges But Hearing Throws Spotlight on Shadowy Conservatives Funding SCOTUS Bid


Gorsuch Dodges But Hearing Throws Spotlight on Shadowy Conservatives Funding SCOTUS Bid

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Putting a rare spotlight on the shadowy conservatives pushing for confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) on Tuesday directly questioned the nominee on the dark money groups supporting his bid.

During the second day of questioning by the Senate Judiciary Committee, Whitehouse called on Gorsuch to urge his undisclosed donors to reveal themselves "as a matter of respect for the process...so we can evaluate who is behind this effort."


Reality of Neil Gorsuch :

"I'm not an Honest Person, but I play one on Television."


According to reports, Gorsuck's was given $ 10,000,000.00 in dark $$$$ in order to become SCOTUS. And Gorsuck's has no clue who gave it or where it came from??? He is no doubt lying, but if for some reason he is not...then he is way too stupid to be nominated for SCOTUS!


I would also suggest people calling CNN and protesting their attempts to give this "nominee" cover:
-- namely, I almost fell off my chair when
Don Lemon on CNN (10 pm;EST)...asked his legal guest if
Sen Al Franken was "being too harsh" on Gorscuch...
this was after Franken asked Gorsuch (who sided with the company in his decision as judge in case)..
what he would do, if given the same circumstance as the truck driver fired by his company --
namely chosing to stay alive, and leave behind cargo -
because he was afraid he would freeze to death if he didn't ....
Gorsuch, coward & liar that he obviously is:
couldn't give a straight answer whether he would do the same thing, namely save his own life.
Franken said that was absurd...
& Lemon asked if Franken was "being too harsh"???
this is "journalism"??? on what planet..?
I would suggest commenting to CNN to stop the soft peddling that is beginning to go on
regarding Trump...that seem to be softening him up on many occasions...


High school ( private ) leader of the Fascist Support Group ( who knew ) would get you your clocked cleaned in the late 1960s where I went to school. What's disqualifiing, anymore?
White robes, black robes; with Trumpster's Adm. the roles seem interchangeable at this point. Gorsuch is, or should be, a non-starter for any Federal Court appointment.


These disgustingly timid Democrat Senators certainly didn't try very hard to make Gorsuch reveal the well-known extremist content of his political pre-suppositions,

Gorsuch insistently kept referring to his "judicial philosophy" but refused to answer any questions whatsoever re how his judicial philosophy might incline him to then rule on the big Constitutional questions of the day -- like abortion rights, government spying, dark money in political campaigns, etc.
Senators have every right, if not legal duty, to pose exactly these type of theoretical questions at a SCOTUS confirmation hearing. And while a nominee also has the right to avoid answering such questions, any such nominee - conservative or progressive - who so ardently and systematically does so, like Gorsuch just did, should be seen as intellectually and politically dishonest, and voted down on that initial basis, alone,