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Gorsuch Shouldn't Be Confirmed Until We Know the Person Who Picked Him Is Cleared of Wrongdoing


Gorsuch Shouldn't Be Confirmed Until We Know the Person Who Picked Him Is Cleared of Wrongdoing

Robert Reich

Neil Gorsuch shouldn’t be confirmed until Trump comes clean.

Nominating a new justice of the Supreme Court is one of the most important responsibilities of a president. But until we know Trump is a legitimate president, he can’t be presumed to have the authority to make such a pick.

First, we need to be sure Trump didn’t collaborate with Russia to rig the election. The FBI says it has enough “credible evidence” that Trump aides colluded with Russian operatives to affect the outcome of the election, to move forward with a full-scale investigation.


Sounds reasonable to me! Much more reasonable than the reasons given by the Repubs for not meeting with Obama's candidate Merrick Garland, being that Obama would be out of office in a year, and therefore shouldn't be allowed to choose a Supreme Court Nominee!


Seeing how the GOP shrugged its responsibility to consider the Garland nomination, the Democrats should have never lent the legitimacy to the Gorsuch nomination that they already have. Scalia's former seat has been vacant for more than a year and the further out the Democrats push next SCOTUS confirmation, the more support they will get from swing voters in 2018.

Ever since the 1985 DLC formation the Party has accelerated its rightward movement and our local dyed in the wool Democrats keep telling us that if for no other reason we should vote for Democrats so we get better SCOTUS judges. With the Democrats' failure to fill the SCOTUS seat left vacant by Scalia, the dyed in the wool Democrats lost that argument. If the Democrats don't stop Trump's Scalia replacement, they will have a hard time winning much in 2018.

Scalia's former seat has been vacant for more than a year. There is no hurry to fill it.


I am all for opposing Grouch on the grounds that his judgement as exemplified by his record as a judge and his views espoused over his lifetime make him ill-suited for the highest Court in the land. His nomination should be defeated once and for all on those grounds and should not in any way be contingent on the investigation looming over Trump - as if his confirmation can somehow be bartered. THEN, after Gorsuch is defeated, the Democrats should also say that no other nomination will be considered until after an investigation of Trump concludes.


I would agree that Trump is not a legitimate president or at least should not be perceived as a legitimate president. For Trump ever to be considered legitimate he has to end his conflicts of interests. And it has to determined whether or not he was involved in Russia apparently influencing the election and whether or not he is in some way being controlled by Russia and is actually working on the behalf of Russia. We have a constitutional crisis. The presidency was not passed on to a legitimate president as far as we know. It was a peaceful transition but not a legitimate one. Probably over half the country is either actively resisting Trump or supporting the resistance. He is clearly trying to destroy everything the Founding Fathers of this country created. His number two man, Steve Bannon, has vowed to destroy the administrative state which is basically the government except perhaps for the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Post Office. And in addition Trump and Bannon are trying to destroy all of modern civilization by denying climate change. And they may have some plans to destroy certain countries in the near future that we don;t know about. This is not really an administration. It is a wrecking crew wearing coats and ties.


For anyone who hasn't watched it, Google "Al Franken questions Gorsuch at hearings".


The only way to do this is to filibuster. I would filibuster each and every candidate. Let the Republicans change the rule, if they dare. Ending all filibusters is a good thing. Knowing the opposition will one day take control of the Senate, the GOP is unlikely to change the rule. If they do, in the long run, it's a good, democratic procedure is the winner.


No, Robert. Gorsuch shouldn't be confirmed EVER!!!!!!! The Thugs in Congress BLOCKED with an anti American decision, the right to confirm a Justice under the Obama presidency. When you do THAT, you give up your right to confirm a Justice yourself, when you are in power. ANYONE who votes to confirm Gorsuch is acting as though we have NO constitutional obligation to follow the rule of law, no matter what PARTY is in power. NO TO GORSUCH. PERIOD!!!!


"Gorsuch shouldn't be confirmed until...." Uh, NO, Mr. Reich. Gorsuch shouldn't be confirmed at all.
There, fixed it for you.


For more information about the odious Bannon go to YouTube and type in "Abby Martin Stephen Bannon". You will learn from this excellent "Empire Files" piece what a vile scumbag he really is, including the charges brought by his former wife of domestic abuse. Bannon is right up there with "Darth" Cheney in the evil department.