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Gotcha! Scott Walker Punked by Climate Activist on Campaign Trail


Gotcha! Scott Walker Punked by Climate Activist on Campaign Trail

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker became the butt of a political joke in New Hampshire on Monday, when an environmental activist tricked the Wisconsin governor into posing with an oversized check for $900 million, made out to Walker and "signed" by the conservative, climate-denying Koch brothers.

Tyler McFarland, a 23-year-old organizer with the group 350 Action, approached Walker at Theo’s Pizza & Restaurant in Manchester for a picture while holding a sign that read "Walker 4 president."


Good thing that wasn’t Chris Christie. They would have gotten a punch in the face…


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Scott Walker is the Koch brothers’ marionette and he (SW) does not have an original thought…he better stick to the KB script or the funding will cease immediately. The Kochs would like nothing better than to own the presidency…lock, stock, and barrel but their hubris gets in the way of seeing the reality of what kind of dangerous dunce they are behind. Walker knows no loyalty to anyone but he bows down on bended knees to the almighty dollar. Not unlike any of his fellow clowndidates for the Rep nomination.


What a great trick! Hat’s off to the young people who thought up this imaginative poke in the eye for Walker and his masters.


Walker: Kinda dumb.