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Gov. Cuomo Decrees Boycott & Blacklist to Silence Global BDS Movement for Palestinian Rights


Gov. Cuomo Decrees Boycott & Blacklist to Silence Global BDS Movement for Palestinian Rights

Common Dreams staff

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stirred the immediate ire of human rights campaigners around the world on Sunday by signing an executive order calling for the creation of a "blacklist" that would track groups and individuals who support Palestinian rights through the international Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement known as BDS.

As the New York Times reports:


Uh oh. Guess they'll be checking ID's at the border of the state to see who they will let in. As a Jew who supports the BDS movement and who has family in New York, I wonder if the good governor will allow me to visit them, or whether my mail to them will be intercepted and returned. As for governor cuomo, I wonder what it's like spelunking netanyahu's colon.


The BDS movement says to Cuomo: "We've upped our integrity, now up yours"!

Cuomo acts with contempt for human rights and democracy kowtowing to Israeli extremism, violations of International Human Rights Law, and self-proclaimed tribal exceptionalism, exactly what we have come to expect from this political sellout. Tell Cuomo what you think @ 518 474 8390
The subversion of America by Israeli agents and treasonous politicians who hold first loyalty to a foreign power is exemplified by Cuomo's act. All US politicians have become contemptible sycophants to Israeli subversion/influence. The annual AIPAC boot-licking by US politicians (except Bernie Sanders) is a shameful display of craven cowardice - Cuomo predictably follows suit and serves/defends Israeli ethnic cleansing, brutality, and illegal expansionism/colonization of the Palestinian Occupied Territories.

Israel shows contempt for International Law and Cuomo for justice and human rights - a truly despicable pandering politician with zero integrity....

Jewish Voice for Peace endorses the call from Palestinian civil society for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) as part of our work for freedom, justice and equality for all people.


as a former New Yorker and a Jewish elder, I say the actions by the present governor and his stooges and tail wagers for Clinton and Israel are to be condemned by all human beings on the planet. What is needed is peace not more angry white people telling us how to think and what to do with our humanity. Shame Shame on all you haters and bigots. At this moment in our history what we need is the smiling face of BERNIE SANDERS and his ongoing movement for peace and justice for all and guess what - that means ALL planetary inhabitants, yes even Palestinian peoples. GO BERNIE GO!


OMG and we thought "the donald" was bad. A democratic governor of New York is a dictator. Impeach immediately.


The Justice Department should be looking into this act of suppression of freedom of speech.


This another extreme example of the expansion of the power of the State over the power of the people.

Mr Cuomo seems to believe the 1 percent in power should dictate to peoples what they can and can not believe.


So this is where we are today - blacklisting people and organizations working toward ending human rights abuses around the world. And there are not sneaking it into bills et al in the dark of night anymore. They are shouting it from the rooftops with a megaphone.... Time to pack it in people... It's all over....i's say we had a good run but that would be a lie. The USA was the worst thing to happen to the world ..... Ever. Well since that meteorite which cause the death of the dinosaurs anyway....


This is an outrage. Does Israel now dictate American law? Cuomo should be recalled, impeached and punished for such outright illegal decrees. He of course will be in good company if they put Hillary in there. She will no doubt, consult Bibi on everything.
What the hell does Bibi have as leverage over the U.S?. It's as if they are paying us billions per year so they can say what our laws should be. Oh, that's right it's us paying them every year and then kissing the ring of the Zionist pig.
Ya, put me on the list of BDS supporters, 100%


Be sure to add my name " ya putz"


Is there a direct email for Gov. Andrew Cuomo. I would like to self-report that I support BDS (blacklist or no).


Sometimes such draconic decrees can actually have a beneficial effect, by bringing the controversy to a head, a misstep to bring down the whole rotten structure, it was intended to support.
Let us hope, that this is such a move, which backfires, by raising awareness how criminal Israel's conduct and how ludicrous our support of it is.


Well, shit, this is too easy. We simply Boycott New York. Don't travel there, don't play a concert there, don't host a convention there, don't buy from New York based online companies, etc. Show him/them first hand what a boycott really is. It seems that the only thing these people really care about is the bottom line, so let's hit them where it hurts the most. Also find and support any and all politicians who are against this decree.

And while we're on the topic of executive decrees, and I know this could work against the Left in the short term, how about banning them in all states and on the federal level. Talk about an undemocratic means of governing. Replace it with citizen referendums instead. Of course this would have to go hand in hand with getting money out of elections and cleaning up the whole crooked election process.

Damn...we have so much work to do. Thank you Bernie for finally bringing it out into the open.


Or terrorism is of Islam.


Maybe the collusion of cuomo, clinton and dws explains the major NY voting irregularities and purges. Bernie was the only candidate with courage- they can't have that - they want someone who will continue the bowing and scraping like clinton. You can see where her allegiance lies. After all her hero is mass murderer kissinger .


Cuomo as usual proves himself a Politician of Spinelessness (POS) for catering to the pro-Israel lobby by criminalizing free speech and defending Israeli racism - NOT American values!.
By his anti-free speech, anti-BDS "order", the despicable Andy Cuomo supports the racist Apartheid South Africa that was defeated, supports the racist apartheid Israel that will be defeated, supports contempt for the US Constitution, International Law, and supports Israeli right-wing repression of political thought and action ignoring progressive Jewish and international voices!
By his order Cuomo stands with the murderers of Rachel Corrie and all the other Americans and International protester victims of Israeli racism and illegal occupation - Cuomo stands with the attackers of the USS Liberty!

Cuomo proves himself a hypocrite boycotting North Carolina for LGBT civil rights but protecting the SAME repressive mindset in Israel that holds themselves above all others and discrimination/racism as a right by outlawing BDS!..........a pathetic example of political hypocrisy on a grand scale........by a despicable human being........

This unconstitutional, pandering, executive order will backfire on Cuomo and the Israel-first at any cost crowd.
Check out the photo from this link - Israeli subversion and complicity from treasonous NY pols!

Two convicted NY political leaders Silver & Skelos, Cuomo, who should be next, war criminal Netanyahu and NY senate co-leader Jeff Klein. NY politicians visit Israel & sell-out NY and the US to a foreign power!


That was my first thought
Imagine those who have gone before who would gladly share our path
Imagine who will come forward to oppose "The List"


And this from a bigshot of the Democrat Party we are supposed to unite around come July?! May this backfire "hugely" for Mr. Cuomo. This is in line with the Krauthammer's attack column from yesterday with the title "Loveable Bernie whacks Israel". Krauthammer's shorts seem to be in a bunch over Bernie's platform appointments who support BDS. It is a full time job trying to connect the dots.....


Game on Governor. I live in CT on the NY line, I will be boycotting NY and will certainly let my neighbors know why.


Will Bernie respond?