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Gov. LePage Calls for Jailing Maine Minimum Wage Leaders


Gov. LePage Calls for Jailing Maine Minimum Wage Leaders

People's Action

WASHINGTON - Just days after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump suggested during a televised debate that Hillary Clinton should be jailed, Maine Gov. Paul LePage said Thursday that his political opponents should be imprisoned in a speech to the Lewiston-Auburn Chamber of Commerce.



How sad, so many Republican leaders are showing the public just how truly perverse they really are! Hopefully if enough voters start to understand that the dysfunctional situation the nation fields today is due to mismanagement and discredited Republican policies, we may see more progressive policies managed by more progressive political leaders.


Yet another man in public office who thinks the title before his name (Governor LePage) gives him unlimited power...not unlike a petty dictator or wannabe Caesar. LePage, Walker, Scott and Trump, etc. are "cut from the same cloth."


God forbid we help 70 year olds. I thought with Trump the GOP could not reach any lower, but apparently, it is an ongoing competition: who can be the most worthless human being to his fellow human beings?


Er, someone votes for these people. Like Pagey and Ricky Scott. How many know that before he was elected "governor" of Florida, Ricky was CEO of a health insurer known as HealthSouth. That company was indicted (don't know if convicted) for perpetrating the largest Medicare fraud to date?
Again, someone votes for these people...repeatedly.
LePage, Scott, Deal, Walker, Brownback, ad nauseum.


P.S. Sorry. Question mark goes after first sentence, not second.


LePage and Trump both have a funny look to them and therefore should be thrown in prison. The key then thrown away.