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Governing By Scapegoat

Governing By Scapegoat

Robert C. Koehler
The agenda that Trump and his cohorts are focused on moving forward is not the one that addresses American misery, but the one that slashes corporate taxes and privatizes as much of the social infrastructure as possible.
"It’s so much easier to blame some designated “other” than to look within." (Photo: Ian Crowther/flickr/cc)

This article is a mess. It starts by decrying the politically-driven scapegoating of immigrants and ends by scapegoating law-abiding gun owners, who are lumped together by implication with a handful of deranged adolescents.

Maybe it is.

But then much of the world is in a mess, as things come apart at the seams.

But Robert Koehler has a good heart, like Al Gore, and that makes all the difference.

The scapegoat is as old as homo sapiens - superstitious, afraid, and not at all wise mankind. That would be 315,000 years and counting.

What is needed is an honest political system, which will initiate for the first time ever in civilization - a real economy - that is, one that has the chance at least of being sustainable.

We have to get out of the muck and look up.


I don’t know it made sense to me. We can examine society for our response to increased violence. The first example war which has become acceptable to the American people, we have funded it continuously for 17 years. Is it any wonder that it impacts society and young people in unintended consequences. Unless, you think it is intentional. These are the acts of a failed empire in my opinion.


Fern you voiced my sentiments !

In a society where war is the norm, violence in films, television and games, killing by police who are never held accountable by “grand juries” and a president who fosters hate, racism, nativism and greed what do you expect ?
Youth learn from example and most brain dead people do also follow the leader and/or the general zombie sheep culture.

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“because violence has become a plague in this country”

Huh? Despite some up- and downticks, violent crime has been declining for decades. There’s no plague, and saying there is is falling for the conservative lie that justifies punishment, repression, militarization of the police, the military crossing of the Rubicon, and attitudes that are antithetical to democracy and oh yeah, civilization.

This was a good point of view! Thanks!