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Government Austerity Demands That We Die Within Our Means


Government Austerity Demands That We Die Within Our Means

Victoria Cooper, David Whyte

As we move towards the general election, we are paralyzed by what is probably the biggest single issue affecting ordinary people in the country: austerity. We are unable to fully understand both the economic madness of austerity and the true scale of the human cost and death toll that ‘fiscal discipline’ has unleashed.


Trump’s budget (and the reworked version by the republicans that is sure to follow) is an austerity budget for the USA! Our press is failing us because they also avoid using the term ‘austerity’. After seeing the reaction to austerity measures in Europe, it is not surprising that governments avoid the term but where is the fourth estate?

People should write into their favorite news channels, newspapers and news programs and put the press on notice that are not being objective when they help the 1% and Co. pull a fast one on us.

All those cuts in social programs and tax cuts for the rich should be reported by the press under this headline Austerity measures imposed on America by Trump!


Domestic austerity cannot be separated from the imperial military state that the U.S. Permanent war and global domination mandates domestic poverty and pain for the vast majority of U.S.


Yep - total corruption. We can’t even vote them out because of election fraud. The only thing left and the first thing we should have done all along was refuse to pay taxes. The gov then shuts down and can’t even lock us up for refusing to pay taxes. They let inmates out as jails are no longer staffed and shut down. We CAN fire our gov. We CAN put in our own new one that uses our taxes on our well being instead of looting them. We can have civic meetings and design the new one before we shutdown the old. I think it’s the way to go.


Can you say neofeudalism wherein the 1% own everything and the 99% own nothing ?


Living within the mean


The problem is not just which way to go, it is also whether others will go along with it. To ask people not to pay taxes and expect most people to agree to that is absurd. What if everybody agreed to go along sounds great but that is balanced out by what if nobody agreed to go along. An idea may sound like it would work if everybody joined in but does the planning and execution of that idea actually show that other people would join in? You would need to make sure that would happen first or else even the best idea may end up being only a fantasy! I don’t mean to rain on your parade here (or in Seattle) but imagine how hard it would be for most people to risk so much? Such a movement would take a great deal of commitment and skillful planning to coordinate people. Nevertheless, in all sincerity, I suggest writing up your idea and publishing it online or putting up posters explaining the whole thing around town and getting some feedback. You might also get some volunteers who agree with you about this idea.

In other words, say you ran with this idea? How would other people become informed about it or show you that they were willing to join? You’ll need to find ways of letting people know about your idea. One place you might start advocating your idea is by setting up your own website to talk about it.