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Government Debts as Class Swindles

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/31/government-debts-class-swindles


Always love me some Richard Wolff. Yes, the houses of cards are built and rebuilt by the likes of the IMF and the World Bank and all sorts of seemingly well-intentioned organizations that swoop in, woo the woo-able, stretch the stretch-able, and ransom the ransom-able. As the cliche goes, they laugh all the way to the bank–because they are the bank. What do the People get? They get to learn the definition of “austerity”. One of (many of) my favorite authors on this topic is Yanis Varoufakis.


A favorite game of the wealthy capitalists is always to refuse to pay taxes, starve the government of funds which it needs to pay for the services for everyone including these parasites and then to be the very same to lend money–money they should have rightly payed in taxes. All this is facilitated by using their wealth to buy the lawmakers and to write the laws they want and to keep the masses in ignorance and fear by buying the MSM. They also target that reptilian brain in the masses by stirring up patriotic fervor, the so called and joyless Protestant Work Ethic to distract from the capitalist theft who have been busy exporting jobs and creating an ever expanding pool of workers ever desperate for a job even ones that will get your brains and limbs blown-off in endless wars so they can profit from ammunition sales.


Much wisdom here Wise, thanks

Thanks prof. Wolff. The finances of the military-industrial
corporate state need to be exposed, so that the future generations
can see how the “blood on our hands” (J.S. Davies), takes away
from a Green New Deal and a life worth the waking up to.


Ah Capitalism! Is there anything it can’t fuck up?


It cannot f**k up the clear eyes of the open heart ready to support the same in exercise of community muscle! We are born to LEARN!

A large part of the Great Class Robbery via the interest theft conspiracy, is the fact that for every dollar the richest evade, billionaires, corrupt corporations, for-profit health “care”, and banker/wall Street parasites - for every dollar they evade or are gifted by political servants of vast wealth, in taxes that give-back to and benefit society - you know, the 99% and a healthy, sustainable future - they will take a dollar out of the pockets and lives of the “ordinary” person, the most vulnerable, programs designed to serve the 99% from the New Deal that is anathema to those “conservative” parasites and servants of vast wealth, they find so “socialist” and destructive to their contemptible and corrupt vision of American society!

They WILL take that dollar from the most vulnerable by hidden means,and cuts in programs and services, local government property taxes, numerous “fees” (AKA taxes by another name) on things ordinary people depend-on just to live their lives and survive! The proof is seen in the homeless, the hungry, forgotten children and seniors, those without any health-care, the destitute, wage-slaves, the debt-interest slaves - those without hope.

We are witnessing in the trump, RepubliCon, billionaire-class war against our republic and people, the outright theft of government Of, By, and FOR the People, our education and Fourth Estate charged by the framers with providing the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but!!

The war against the people led by trump & co is in full destruct mode and will accelerate in the months left until the “election” of our political class

"Government is instituted for the Common Good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore, the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter, or totally change the same, when their protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness require it." - John Adams- Or remove a heartless thief and malignant narcissist from power!

Bernie Sanders has fought for the Common Good and people his entire adult life, and is one of a very few that deserves opur respect and support!


The irony being that what the accusers are doing is simply another form “socialism”. Its just hung and strung a different set of hooks.

I am reminded of the book published in 1990 by Temple University Press by Myles Horton and Paulo Friere:
“We Make the Road by Walking”
Conversations on Education and Social Change


vii Preface
xiii Acknowledgments
xv Editors’ Introduction

CH A P T E R 1 Introduction
3 “We make the road by walking”

CHAPTER 2 Formative Years
9 “I was always getting in trouble for reading in school”
24 “Reading has to be a loving event”
38 “I couldn’t use all this book learning”
55 “I always am in the beginning, as you”
67 “Pockets of hope”: Literacy and citizenship

CH A P T E R 3 Ideas
97 “Without practice there’s no knowledge”
102 “Is it possible just to teach biology?”
109 “I’ve always been ambivalent about charismatic leaders”
115 “The difference between education and organizing”
128 “My expertise is in knowing not to be an expert”
131 “My respect for the soul of the culture”
138 “I learned a lot from being a father”

CHAPTER 4 Educational Practice
145 " The more the people become themselves,the better the democracy"
163 " Highlander is a weaving of many colors"
180 “Conflicts are the midwife of conciousness”

CHAPTER 5 Education and Social Change
199 “You have to bootleg education”
215 " The people begin to get their history into their hands, and then the role of education changes"

CHAPTER 6 Reflections
227 " Peaks and valleys and hills and hollers"
239 " It’s necessary to laugh with the people"
248 Epilogue

251 Index


Professor wolff should be required reading; his thesis is truth and accurate portrait of the Grand Con and vast theft from the people.

"These lenders and borrowers gather easily in expensive hotels to negotiate wondrous “development loans” nicely serving both their needs. The loans are backed, of course, by the borrowing country’s ability to tax its citizens and/or sell its natural resources and/or sell its government operations to pay off the loans and the interest on them. Given such loans’ high profitability, they can and often do run for years before outraged local citizens revolt and refuse to keep paying. Then the country declares bankruptcy amid threats and lamentations on all sides. Eventually, what remains of the loan is partly or wholly forgiven. No problem: the lenders’ profits were already reaped, the career benefits achieved. Soon the whole process begins again. "

"For it is the doom of men that they forget." - Merlin


Mr Wolff he tells it like if is .

The rich created the system in the first place .

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“The lights dimmed, the curtain parted, and now began a sad little tale which Ghyl thought might be a message to himself from Holkerwoyd, even though such a possibility seemed remote.
The setting of the story was the puppet theater itself. One of the puppets, conceiving the outside world to be a place of eternal merriment, escaped the theater and went forth to mingle with a group of children. For a period there was antic and song; then the children, tiring of play, went their various ways. The puppet sidled through the streets, observing the city; what a dull place compared to the theater, unreal and factitious though it was! But he was reluctant to return, knowing what awaited him. Hesitating, delaying, he hopped and limped back to the theater, singing a plaintive little commentary. His fellow puppets greeted him with restraint and awe; they too knew what to expect. And indeed at the next performance the traditional drama Emphyrio was presented, with the runaway puppet cast as Emphyrio. Now ensued a play within a play, and the tale of Emphyrio ran its course. At the end Emphyrio, captured by the tyrants, was dragged to Golgotha. Before his execution he attempted to deliver a speech justifying his life, but the tyrants refused to let him speak, and inflicted upon him the final humiliation of futility.” - Jack Vance


He deserves a place in Bernie’s Administration

lol - wouldn’t THAT pucker the 1% sphincter?


In Maddow’s book “Blowout”, a succinct story of John D. Rockefeller introduces the birth of the oil (rock oil) industry ca 1859 (Titusville Pennsylvania) and 1863 Rockefeller et al oil, later to become Standard Oil in 1870.

Rockefeller had pols in his pocket - but he preferred to say that instead of him bribing politicians, it was politicians ‘extorting’ him.

As Richard Wolff points out rather clearly in this article - this is a ‘good cop bad cop’ duet, i.e., they’re in it together - and we lose, if a cohesive country and people is the goal - and nowadays, to bring everything into the Anthropocene - if survival is the goal.

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A Marxist critique of MMT


A parallel swindle occurs when the capitalists lower our pay and instead loan us the money that we need to survive. What a brilliant scheme! Credit cards instead of paychecks.


Indeed it is. Given the addition of interest, workers are actually taking a pay cut.

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Yes, Richard Wolff has the mechanics of quantitative ripoff defined as the financial swindle that it is.

The qualitative aspect of deficit spending other than vote bonds is destruction and distortion of culture and democracy, by funding dubious centrally planned projects in the first place. Eternal war against fictional propaganda enemies is one such distortion. Chemical and plastic pollution is another. Balance the budget, remove all subsidies and open a public bank. That’ll do it, for starters.

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Richard + Wolff + Socialism = TRUTH!

IN THESE TIMES has a swell interview with Barbara Ehrenreich that you might enjoy, or have you read it already?