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'Government for Sale': In Dead of Night, Senate GOP Passes Tax Bill Only Their Donors Can Love


'Government for Sale': In Dead of Night, Senate GOP Passes Tax Bill Only Their Donors Can Love

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Plainly speaking: a vote for this bill is a vote to inflict harm on millions of hardworking families to please corporate campaign donors and the six thousand lobbyists who pushed for it."


An enormous tax break for the uber rich and corporations with no guarantee provisions. NOT gOOD.


“Government for sale.”?, “highway robbery.”?, bullshit this is grand theft on a scale never seen before. This is historical. This is without precedent. So now the slackers will be coming to the voters in 2018 asking them to validate not only their claim to power but to also to validate their parking. And what will the voters do? Immersed in the ongoing sexual scandal and the sports of the day it will be a landslide for the thieves and the murderers. Without proper training and indoctrination the voters will allow the bums to continue to get away with this forever. Feel the jackboot in the back of your neck yet? I have nothing but disgust for these wanna be Murkins and their twisted pathological view of “freedom”. There are no more heros. And this is just the “softer side of genocide.”

All-righty then. My asshole has started to bleed and all I have to say is happy new year.


Just remember: “Things go better with Koch”.
The real constituents of Congress (their big money donors) will continue to bribe Congress and Faux News will continue to tell the populace that everything is A-OK and Trump is the best president since Ronald Ray-Gun.
In other words: Business (actually Big Business) as Usual.

We “little people” will remember this treachery of Congress, but with the new voter reforms, we won’t even be allowed to vote these people out of office.


After the first selection of Dubya for president, I thought it would be great if someone made a video game called Grand Theft Republican similar to Grand Theft Auto, except it would be elections that are stolen rather than autos.

Now if someone could come up with Grand Theft Government since the entire Congressional, Judicial, and Executive branches of our government have been stolen, maybe we could reach our zombie populace which has allowed these travesties to fester.


Relax, have a cup of coffee. Go shopping for gifts for X-mas. Ain’t nothin’ gonna happen. Too many people are plugged into debt to do anything about this. Take it in the shorts. Learn to love it. We are have our toys that keep us happily dumbed down. It will get better next year when the safety net is gutted to pay for this. Sure you might have to take Grandma in but they used to do that years ago. You’ll learn to change her diaper with glee. We will adjust to being a 3rd world country and Canada will build a wall and we will feel shame. It’s just another day for you and me in paradice, roll 'em Joe.


A good time to point out that Bernie Would Have Won and brought a change to the losing streak in the House and Senate and Governorships.
So thank not only the Republicans for this, but the cheating Democrats as well.


I will be putting my flag up in the front window; it will be taped upside down as we are very clearly going to be in extreme distress.


Need to see an article that tells us what is not to tell in the bill: What is buried in the 500 pages that is not touted as a “tax bill”…Like so many other bills passed by our government over time self profiting additions favoring individual officials interests are almost always buried within. We need to see that else is being passed along with this monstrosity.


Let’s all start a “Go Fund Me” campaign to collect donations to pay for an Army of Unemployed Mercenaries to speak for us. The 99% being clucked.

Let’s pay them well folks.

It’s a dirty job they must do.


GOP groups already have a well financed campaign:


Many intelligent people have claimed that the United States of America would not be defeated by a war from some foreign country, but by parties such as communists or others from within. They were unequivocally correct! Not by communists; but by what Chomsky rightly called the Republican party when he said: " they are the most dangerous organization in the world".


Read the TAX bill and plan accordingly.


These men are criminals –
We have government being run by Mafia-like legislators.
The fact that we have absolutely NO leverage over our representatives –
which is once again being made very obvious with this legislation –
should be concern enough to trigger a new non-violent revolution by citizens.


red –

Let’s not belittle the “sexual accusations” which – like the Clarence Thomas
Hearings regarding his sexual perversions – are hghly important for the
nation to discuss and understand.
As a result of rigging by Joe Biden, we ended up with a sexual pervert on the SC
who still sits there.
Joe Biden actually became VP as a likely pay-off for that deed.
In fact, we often see him mentioned as possibly running for president!
See: YouTube/Joe Biden groping young girls as filmed by C-span during
Dem “Swearing-in ceremonies.”

I would say that the distractions of both Christian and Jewish Holidays were enough
to prevent many citizens from paying sufficient attention to the GOP pushing this tax
scam through. However, the reality is that we have no effective control over these
criminal legislators as is made clear since they feel no threat from the alleged power
of the voters. We’re seeing that over and over again.

Americans have been voting on hack-able electronic computers for more than 50
years now and they immediately began delivery very odd and unbelievable right wing
victories. The computers at that time were hack-able over electric telephone wires
and are said to be hack-able via satellites now.

Iow’s, in the late 1960’s it became possible for criminals to elect themselves to office
and to stay there without any assistance or resistance from the voters.


Remembering the treachery without recourse to effective insurrection will not help us. If the hope is still in elections then folks must turn out in such overwhelming numbers as black folks did recently and demand to have UN observers and paper ballots–I recommend voting early with paper ballots. Failing this–I don’t advise waiting–is to begin with boycotts, move on to General Strikes, then be prepared for total, rolling, non cooperation.


These fucking neanderthals will all be out of a job after the 2018 election and we progressives will be successful al REPEALING their abominable tax bill. VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE progressives in 2018.


Burning in Haedes is not enough punishment for these despicable reprobates in Brooks Brothers’ suits…no hearts, no brains, no compassion, and souls sold to the Koch boys or other highest bidders.


I’ve not had a chance, nor the stomach, to get and read that obamanation, but I understand the bill has a “go ahead” for drilling in the Arctic Refuge, some things to increase surveillance powers against us, and some provisions to make these decisions permanent, not to be touched or altered, ever.
*CD has another article which should make you think again about what the alleged Democrats stand for
*"Ignoring Increased Support for DACA, Dems Back Off Pledge to Pass Year-End Fix
"As protests continue across the country, Democrats in Congress set to renege on promises to pass immigrant protections alongside funding extension."
*As has been pointed out several thousand times on these pages, this is a good reminder that neither the Blue nor the Red sock puppets care for anyone or anything but pleasing the Oligarchy, which cares for nobody but themselves, but pays their minions well.
*If We the People don’t wake up and start thinking and acting for ourselves, and quit eating the BS spread on our bread by the Duopoly, we probably deserve what we get.


What would happen, probably before the first hit would be, “How much they paying ya for this?”
“OK, we’ll pay you five times as much to hit your employers. Double if you are successful.”
“OK, guys, put away your pieces. We’ve got a better job.”
*Always remember the definition of "Mercenary."