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Government Probe Finds Pruitt's $43K Soundproof Booth Violated Federal Law


Government Probe Finds Pruitt's $43K Soundproof Booth Violated Federal Law

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As pressure on EPA chief Scott Pruitt to resign mounts amid his ever-growing list of scandals, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) concluded on Monday th


While we have cause to celebrate the departure of just about any Trump appointee, the sad truth is that if Pruitt is forced out he will be replaced by someone who is just as bad or even worse. If Trump has drained the swamp, it is only to enable him to see denizens who live even closer to the bottom. In fact, there is NO bottom for Trump, or for the republican party in general. Even if we survive until November, and see the democrats take over congress, the best we can hope for is deadlock (which, admittedly, is far better than allowing republicans to make law, any law). And, Trump would still have control over the agencies, to staff them with bottom-dwellers with a wrecking-ball agenda. Finally, a blue wave will not in any way cure the stranglehold that wealth has over every function of government. Perhaps it is healthy that the light is finally shining on the rot that passes as our government, but I do not see any real changes happening within my lifetime. Pruitt is merely a single symptom of a government that represents the 1% only, and has done so for a very long time.


TOYS-R-US may be closing their doors for business, however, CRIMINALS-R-US opened up shop a little over a year ago in Washington DC, and has since opened up new locations in Florida (Mar-a-Loco) and New York (Dump Tower.)

From all accounts, business was going great until the Big Cheese screwed the pooch, by pissing off a Porn Star. And he didn’t even bother to use a condom.

Almost immediately after his youngest son was born.

What a cad.


What self-respecting person would want to follow in Pruitts shoes?

Oh, that’s right, none of these MAGA (Morons Are Governing America) have any self-respect.


Worst-case scenario (from Pruitt’s perspective)–Congress gives him after-the-fact approval and considers it no harm/no foul.


Pruitt sez "the “privacy” booth was necessary for him to “make and receive calls to discuss sensitive information.” That is a crock-o-shite blatant falsehood! He wanted - not “needed” a sound-proof phone-booth to secure and hide evidence of his corruption! To assure his conversations with polluters, exploiters, the fossil-fuel thieves and all the other scum he serves and communicates with!

Pruitt is an evil swine (apologies to our porcine cousins) of the most vile; selling-off public and sacred lands, exploiting natural resources and polluting Mother Earth to serve corporate profits above all else! He has sold America to the highest bidder to serve greed and ignorance!

This pruitt scum and his close second ryan zinke must swing!


It is always the “little” things that take these sociopaths down. But it will be the best Earth Day present ever for Pruitt to be fired, retire to spend more time with his family, or quit. May he be James Watt’d.
I consider a phone booth little compared to the absolute disaster he has caused the environment.


So essentially, had Prick Pruitt installed a $5,000 booth, that would have been okay.

Pruitt wants to be insulated from hearing the trees falling in the forest.


Made my day.


The American people need to give this jerk a first class ticket to prison. See how he likes that environment.


Did his Soundproof Phone Booth look anything like this…?
Ah…uhh…secret agent Maxwell Smart wants his Cone of Silence back…


As you well know, that’s what I’m here for.(fun emote symbol for some reason would not work)


Thought experiment: Place Pruitt in his cone of silence. Pour gasoline, no make that tar sands, over it and ignite. Test the air quality as the transition is made from tar-sand combustion to cone-of-silence combustion to well, you know. Report the data to the Journal of Irreproducible Results.


It’s okay, though. If Pruitt loses his “job,” our system will allow Don to replace him with another person just as ready, willing and able to continue the deconstruction of the EPA. It appears that our feckless Congressional representatives wouldn’t have it any other way.


They could have gotten a Superman Style phone booth for as little as $500 on E-Bay. Those things were designed to be eavesdropper proof.

Not to mention the retro decor.


Yes, but not before he pays the taxpayers back.
Looks like Carson is screwed too.


What I find so depressing is that the media is so focused on Pruitt’s every move that they completely disregard the massive encroaching pollution that’s coming in the next three years when the USA loses 4 nuclear plants. Not one major progressive or environmental group has addressed the incoming fact that it will be impossible for the USA to meet emission standards if we force early decommissioning. I thought your organization was concerned about GHG emissions? Seems like in reality all you really care about is headlines against the trump administration and how much you love complaining about Pruitt.

Heres the fact though: Pruitt’s career pales in comparison to the increase of emissions when you replace nuclear with natural gas.

Its been two weeks and not one article from anyone. Its such a joke that these “environmental organizations” actually look at science and want to reduce GHGs. I don’t care if you nuclear or not, but by basic mathematics there is no way the USA will meet emission standards if you just standby and wait for natural gas to takeover.


I bet he saw some episodes of Get Smart and just had to have one of these for himself: http://www.starshipearththebigpicture.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/cone-of-silence.jpg <<“The Cone of Silence”


No, that’s the economy class version. Probably more like this one: http://www.starshipearththebigpicture.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/cone-of-silence.jpg


kick this grifter out, it just gets worse & worse.