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Government Refuses to Say Who was Considered for FOI Commission


Government Refuses to Say Who was Considered for FOI Commission

WASHINGTON - The UK Government is refusing to release information regarding how candidates were chosen for a Commission which is considering reform of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act.

Ministers announced in July this year that they had established an “independent, cross-party Commission on Freedom of Information” to consider whether changes were needed to protect “policy development.”



A typical whitewash of an argument for state appointments. I have yet to see any public servant all the way up to the president himself who was not an anointed individual with the support of our shadow and true government. We see the representatives everyday who simply play musical chairs and consider controlled and even misunderstood gerrymandering to acquire the power base as a pull the wool over your eyes tactic. We have a legacy government that has been occupied by an established regime for may decades now and I believe they are about to reveal who truly is the boss of all us inmates here. Since harsh language or action by the poople and for the people is considered an act of terrorism. We may simply have to resort to just the newer and politically correct silent jazz hands only to mark our consent and not offend the myriads of the meek and mild. Ooopsie, perhaps I should try the land of the free and the brave instead, that may get a few responses instead. We have too many unelected and self electing positions for many in public service we may as well all just get on banana boats and try again. They are a captive self serving voting and assured franchise. As consented in each states preamble and ascension to federalism. Perhaps In the vain hope that we may find a land unoccupied or within the jurisdiction of the greatest bureaucracy every to claim a democratic principle as its base. The people have not elected anyone in decades, they are subject to the most expensive and mind numbing kabuki theatrics that your money will buy.