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Government Report on Clinton Email Scandal Much Worse Than Expected



Zombies alive! Who´d´ve thought? Reactions of MSM´s and Clinton campaign´s spin-masters are bound to speed the rotation rate of the American planet. " . . . much worse than expected"? Meaning: much worse than she led us to expect.


No matter how many letters Obama gets demanding that he "expedite the report", his corporate paymasters have instructed him to do nothing until after Clinton is nominated and Sanders is sidetracked.


CNN (Clinton News Network) is still trying to bury the story. They don't have it as the headline like every other news outlet does.


As bad as people here expect a Hilary Presidency to be, I also think it would be worse than expected.


Note, this is an internal State Department review, and does not address the fact that Clinton broke the law, not just internal Department rules.

Where is the pending FBI report? When does the Attorney General act?


Seeing how the Attorney General (AG) was appointed by Obama...the AG will not act until his Wall Street financiers give Obama the green light.


Probably never ... how many of these officials has she promised a b!ow job in the oval office to??? :open_mouth: :imp:


Shocked...I'm just Shocked!

(think I'll be using this pic a LOT between now and the convention)


She's got to go -- and her little Wasserman Schultz dog too.


If this is not an opening for Bernie, I don't know what is. Oh, that's right, he already dismissed this issue early in the campaign; providing cover for Hillary.


If this had been done by some low level government worker, they would have been thrown in Gitmo long ago.


What are the odds of an indictment before the DNC convention?


Correct. That's IF the laws were applied equally. When was the last time you saw that happen? Hillary has broken many laws but no accountability will be applied because the Clinton's and Bush's are political Royalty. Untouchable.
I guess they thought that Hillary would sweep this election because this country laps up anything royalty does. But not this time. She has been exposed.
For all the corruption that has been the hallmark of this election Bernie still comes out ahead. They are now saying 55 to 70 percent of Bernie's supporters will in the end vote for her. I don't believe that for a second. It's just more wishing it were true than fact. She's shown herself to be the face of corruption and establishment policies. People are falling away from her because she is so bad who could put their name on her?
The emails, the money laundering with the DNC, questionable donations, the list goes on...Geez what does it take to get her arrested?


" . . .much worse than expected?"

Let's see. Hillary hid her work communications from her employer, sent or received over 2,100 classified emails, deleted over 30,000 emails before turning over what remained, set up a secret server without the authorization of government IT security officers, then kept her server and emails secret for two years after she left office.

As this was going on, she authorized billions in arm sales to authoritarian regimes like Saudi Arabia while these regimes concurrently donated millions to the Clinton Foundation.

Much worse than who expected? I'd say the surface has only been scratched.


So basically you are saying, "why should anyone care" about accountability. Your comment comes off as a defense of Clinton. Or did I misunderstand your point.


Hmm...so she's exceptional and paranoid. In her apartment? Really? :thumbsup:


Is the Goddess opening the way for Bernie against all logistical odds???


You´re seriously asking??? I read and almost always like your posts, Siouxrose11. Fare forward, traveller!


Ninety percent of "andrew boston's" comments are designed to take the illegalities of our time and trivialize them while blaming American "sheeple" or voters for the deliberate malfeasance of those in positions of power.

Why is he here daily? Who's picking up his tab... for repeating Talking points that almost always conform to the above meme.