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Government Sachs and the Trump Administration


Government Sachs and the Trump Administration

Marcus Stanley

A new report documents all the ways former Goldman Sachs employees are using their high-level government jobs to push an agenda that would boost the bank's profits—at the expense of the rest of us.

SEC Commissioner Jay Clayton is a former Goldman Sachs lawyer.


As I kept reading my thought was that Hillary though a darling of Wall St. herself, was nevertheless the more moderate and considerably less extreme than Trump. Sanders of course had first to be double teamed out of the running before the final determination of the ‘election’ would be made. Hillary despite all the moaning and groaning of progressives was indeed the status quo sure thing comfort zone candidate compared to Trump. A wild card she wasn’t nor did she entertain the thought even! Hillary was mainstream historical - the continuation and fulfillment of the formal electoral progression…and as an added bonus the first woman to be added into the succession.

Trump was the radical outsider upon whom many of the big boys would decide to gamble. They knew that even though he was not a team player he represented their team by default! So despite some misgivings , they chose to have him be lead sled dog and let him run at his own wild deregulatory pace. He represented their interests and if he was corrupt what did that really matter to them as they usually played the same game themselves. So Trump got in and despite their having gotten all they had been seeking, it soon became obvious that neither they nor Trump valued the insitutions inherent in democracy. Like kids that had broke open a pinata, there was an abrupt feeding frenzy of greed. An emergent oligarchy chafed at the restraints imposed by democracy. They in fact had come to dislike America and Americans. They liked power and wealth and opposed any limitations or regulations on their use of either!

Only now after a certain level of satiation (having eaten too much candy), there are noticeable regrets in certain quarters although scaling back the assault on regulatory democracy is not yet in evidence. However, no one expected the complications that have arrived concerning a new war - a heavy war - not a slow burn deadly but flimsy conflict but a big army type war and with an arms manufacturer country no less. A relatively hard fight ‘over there war’ too. Strategically inconvenient, resource rich, technologically competent - it’d be a big numbers fight no doubt about it. A bad for business war - the kind that drains the economy and gets itself a whole chapter in history books! And that is only a war with Iran!

But then again even oligarchs can get scared of things that go bump in the night. Although Trump has been placed on a leash held by the generals, the world (including Washington and Wall St too) is left to worry that he might slip loose. So Goldman Sachs having staged an economic coup are waiting for the day when they can sit more comfortably on their deeply embedded thrones. As yet even they the usurping oligarchy are sweating with everyone else while the wildest card ever holds the nuclear button in his little hands and calls North Korea names!


In other words, they would buy up public assets, and we would help pay them for doing so!