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Government Study Confirms $7.25 Minimum Wage Is Poverty Trap for Millions of Americans


Government Study Confirms $7.25 Minimum Wage Is Poverty Trap for Millions of Americans

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The $7.25 federal minimum is "a starvation wage that is not enough to keep working families out of poverty," argued Sen. Bernie Sanders


In her book, Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America by Barbara Ehrenreich, she makes it very clear how virtually impossible it is to get out of poverty make minimum wage. She personally experienced what it was like while working undercover in several states. Although it was not a “government study,” the results were based in reality. Wonder how many living in poverty working two to three minimum wage jobs 24/7 could give up one of those jobs if given the money used for this “study?”


I read her book twice. Barbara didn’t just study it, she lived it.

Another similar, more recent book is “Hand to Mouth” by Linda Tirado. The foreword is by Barbara Ehrenreich, in which she says it is the book that she wishes she had written. Strong praise from a great writer!


While we have a president that was worth $3.5 billion last year and paid NO income taxes through tax loopholes such as investment offshore in “shell companies” that are companies in name only just so rich Americans can bank their money offshore and pay no taxes on that money. This is a previous Common Dreams article:

Stiffing US Taxpayers on ‘Grand Scale,’ Fortune 500
Oct 17, 2017 · Stiffing US Taxpayers on ‘Grand Scale,’ Fortune 500 Holding $2.6 Trillion Offshore … found that 73 percent of companies on the Fortune 500 list are …

So how do we deal with this huge discrepancy between the ultra rich and the poor in this country? Raising the minimum wage would help. Voting Republicans that are gutting our safety net program for the poor, the elderly, vets, etc… would definitely help.


Whether a family lives on minimum wage or double it, the slightest mischance, accident, illness, even a rent change, can rip the floor right out from under them.


And living paycheck to paycheck leaves no room to pay for health insurance if none is provided by the employer, especially now that rates are rising at a mercurial rate making costs way out of reach for any worker making less than $50,000/year (with a family of three or four…even with both parents working). so much for the American-dream-cum-nightmare.


I have been disabled for 25 years. My annual income is slightly over 13,000.00 a year, my monthly is slightly over 1100.00…being disabled is a 24 / 7 / 365 job, my hourly income equates to $1.07 an hour.


Now contrast this to the following billionaire conscienceless abuses:

I had lived in Manhattan for a long time and witnesses the exploding homelessness during Reagan’s heartless reign and this is worse.


Mine is even less. We really need to reconsider what we mean by wealth and poverty. These billionaire predators are, to my mind at least, very impoverished in spirit. It might be good to read Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions to get an indigenous perspective on this horrid culture of greed.


Curious how few CD readers are interested in this article. Writers should learn to randomly stick Russia into the headline to draw out the putin clan.


Please DON’T raise the minimum wage UNLESS you also increase Social Security payments enough to compensate for the inflation this will cause.  Social Security is already way behind the actual cost-of-living increases for the past decade or two.  My small pension does not include a COLA, so even when Social Security increases a little it’s nowhere near enough to make up for what overall inflation is doing to an old
fart on a fixed income.


WOW. We needed another study to tell us this? Hell, even mom-pop shops and fast food franchises pay alot more. We need to get off a discussion of minimum wages and start ACTING ON LIVABLE WAGES AND A UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME (UBI).

Even the Fight for $15 movements are rendering themselves irrelevant by talking about 3-5 year phase-ins, instead of GUARANTEED LIVABLE INCOMES.

Also, almost nobody is talking about work that (predominantly women) do that is not paid - including domestic work, child-raising, elder-care, etc.

LIVABLE INCOMES and UBIs are seminal feminist issues.


Noticing a shift from Russia, but the media will focus on more noise and not real issues like this giant theft about to take place(tax cuts) or like are we really fighting Isis in Niger. I guess the military just point to a country and say Isis–so now they have license to go into anywhere in the world. And one would think this military build up for Afghanistan would be major news----


I would hope these older Americans will speak up as the elite do another tax cut to fill their stuffed pockets. These tax cuts mean social security payments will not go up for a long time. But here again we have groups at the bottom contesting one another.

On 60 mins the other night Bill Kock (another Kock brother) was all upset because he paid $400,000 for 4 bottles of wine that were fake. The interviewer never asked do you think its obscene to pay $100,000 for a bottle of wine? The Kock brothers born into wealth by a father who made money from oil. Have the people of the US got a fair return on all the profits made from this oil?

One of the great crimes of this century is that democrats failed to raise the national minimum wage in 2009. They didn’t have to apply it to 2009 it could have gone into effect say 2011. And yes the inflation numbers are a joke----ss payments should have gone up a lot more than what they have. This is another scam–there has been major inflation of food and rent. Many people on social security are homeless. Of course this won’t be reported in any real way on CNN,FOX, or MSNBC.


Look to the AUMF. Many people, myself included, held Clinton’s 2003 vote on Iraq against her. But all Bush Cheney, yes, Obama and Trump needed was the still standing AUMF. My congressperson. Barbara Lee stood alone against it and has been trying to rescind it. Bernie voted for it, something I truly believe he must regret. As it stands it is without limits as to time or geography.


The minimum wage was raised in 2009. To 7.25! The obama proposal was to raise it to $10.10 in 2010. Later changed to $12. Those proposals were blocked. As have all subsequent proposals for $12 or $15 minimums. My congressperson and Senators have consistently supported the raises, where do your Reps stand? Or is it all about obama in your mind?


Did you notice the announcement column where a group of lawyer’s are having to sue HUD because they have changed the way the voucher program works? It delays this program until 2020 when it was to take effect 1/1/18 (I think that’s what I read) There is a very real war against the poor going on in this “making amurika great again” program. I am sorry you are worse off than I, I know how it hurts deep inside. I don’t have any answers, wish I did. I have a Navajo friend that I keep bugging about moving onto the Rez #1 it’s country I understand and #2 I can relate to the people more than I can here on the outside. Sadly they are kinda picky about who they welcome in, someday-maybe.


“when adjusting for inflation, “the minimum wage has trended downward” over the past several decades,”

WHAT?! You mean to tell me that making the rich even richer hasn’t resulted in workers being paid higher wages?! Why am I so not surprised?.. The Trickle Down Theory is a lie! No matter how rich the rich are, they are under absolutely no obligation to pay their workers higher wages. That’s why we need a government mandated minimum wage set at a livable wage. All these blue collar workers who have been voting for conservatives need to get that message!


If you want a political party that will absolutely, uncompromisingly fight for a $15/hr. minimum wage, then come join us in the Green Party. The only major political party that promises to fight for the poor and working class while preserving the environment for all forms of life on this planet. We will never have a super PAC, or take money from millionaires and billionaires. We will fight to tax them out of existence. There are far more of us than them, so we can do this if the majority quit believing their lies and rise up. Please come join us and help us. Unlike the bought-and-paid-for Democrats, we will work for YOU, but it won’t happen without your help and support. That is the whole idea of bottom-up grass roots democracy.


Yes, and this is why I resent the Republicans cutting a trillion dollars from the programs that would rescue and save the poor, elderly, vets, etc… from financial disaster while giving the rich and super rich tax cuts. And it is predictable that most of the tax cut money will end up being money saved offshore through banks or invested in shell companies.