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Government Wants To Crush Your Right to Protest - Because There's So Much Stuff To Protest About


Government Wants To Crush Your Right to Protest - Because There's So Much Stuff To Protest About

Will Bunch

If you spend a lot of your waking hours on a couch in front of Fox News, the face of modern political protest is covered with a black scarf: the “antifa,” with scary dark garb and a scarier-sounding name, always on the fringes of liberal demonstrations, always ready to engage in violent clashes in the name of fighting American fascism.


Look at the faces of the in the Women’s March. They are happy and positive and full of humanity. People are good all the faces seem to say! Protesting is an act of goodness and concern for community. Protesting is a positive thing - an act of empathy!

This author hits the nail on the head that it is our mainstream media that always presents the oligarchic point of view as if that were the only way to see things.

Look at the faces under those pink hats and you will see instead their joyous, peaceful and peace filled strength!

That is who we are! Humanity!


Yes, the government is afraid of mass protests because, if you remember, mass protests in Iceland and England ousted corrupt politicians.

We, can do the same.

The sick, the elderly, and the very young are counting on us to speak for them.

We must all have one message: Resign!


Might it be helpful for us to call ourselves “demonstrators” rather than “protestors,” as we stand for positive things. We march in brother-and-sisterhood to show we stand for a rightful voice in our government’s decisions and actions.


Did Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton, Debbie, Feinstein or any of the Wall Street/warmongering Democratic National Committee relinquish power? No. Corruption like betrayal is deep-rooted. You have to pull it up by its throats. Parasitic maggots who bomb defenseless cities to steal oil and bank their tax free war profits in the Caymans or Switzerland. Mass murders are short on spiritual remorse. You can’t be no man from 30 grand so we deal with mutants. Genetic mutants do not relinquish power for protesting plebes. Power is taken from the mutants for the betterment of America and survival of humanity.


Old Draco of Athens has a lot to answer for, but would find a place waiting for him in the GOP. One element in the play-book of the anti-antifa playbook will be fifth columnists. Never forget the lengths that the Establishment will go to in infiltrating movements:

The deployment of Agents Provocateurs is nothing new either. FBI COINTELRPO and Operation Gladio and Operation Northwoods are all part of their Dirty Tricks Manual.
Fool me twice, shame on me!


The hypocrisy of Republican lawmakers is astounding! It was perfectly okay for “Tea Party” folks to protest, many of them proudly and openly armed with assault rifles. But just let those who oppose their policies try to protest, and the hammer comes down. They are especially freaked out
when it’s Black People (BLM, for example). Their default is always to try to criminalize dissent, and
harshly punish those who dare to protest the status quo. It goes all the way back to “Jim Crow”, Kent State, and the violent reactions to the Black Panthers.
The First Amendment is the cornerstone of our democracy. Without it the rest of the Constitution loses its power and its spirit. It must be defended!


I’ll give up my right to speak out when they pry my cold dead hands away from my “People over Profits!” sign.
America is a big fat lie and always has been. The more one reads about its REAL history the more one realizes it was never what it claimed to be. The lie just keeps getting bigger. Free speech? Not if it goes against the oligarchs in charge. They’re the biggest terrorist organization on the planet.


What did they expect, in this age of Korporationen Über Alles??


You would have people pay for something that is not built, just proposed and allowable under law? The is often times described as corporate blackmail, since it says that something that the state says it legal is also ethical or moral. Or, is a recognized comon good and promotes the general welfare. Which would have the affect of paying corporations to not mine coal, frack, drill wells or store toxic substances in communities.
Have you seen Houston or Port Arthur lately? What you suggest is law in Texas, regarding knowingly not disclosing what your producing and storing. And, you would have the taxpayers of the U.S. pay for these immoral and unethical laws of Texas, allowing a toxic calamity to occur, repeatedly?
That’s blackmail since only 7% of all U.S. citizens reside and can vote in Texas elections. This type of thinking has caused most of our Federal Agencies like the EPA and Dept. of Energy, et al; to be in a state of " capture ". By a Corporatocracy and Billionaires Club of amoral predators, almost entirely. Hiding behind bought and sold politicians and masked regulatory apparatchiks of Corporate Power, the Alphabets and the Deep State.
No thanks, blackmail and extortion is Mafia Capitalism run by Kleptocratic Elites. We need to stop that and bathe you Grover Nordquist-types in a very deep bathtub. Very, very deep, indeed!!!


I wear whatever I want to wear. You don’t want me to wear it, then I dare you to take it off of me and then pay the consequences.

I put into my body whatever ingredieints I want. You don’t want me to put it in my body, then I dare you to take it off of me and then pay the consequences.


And i’m just tired of the grotesque immorality of “property rights” being viewed as something sacred, and as superseding basic human rights.


And this is how the fascist State steals our property. Do not think for a moment you or your loved ones will never suffer from this, as most of us consider ourselves, good and descent people.

They do not just do this to cartel members. This is a principle way that local police finance military hardware, weapons, vehicles in the 1033 program. It is through this program that our police forces have become storm-troopers.

Excellent article here on civil forfeiture. Sessions is bringing it back with a God awarded vengeance and hate, particularly for those people with darker skin.



That Randian philosophy is only correct in the context of basic economic activities in which you grow your own food and make your own material needs, and not entirely true even then. In a more complex economy, peoples’ survival depends on a sense of community and an obligation to others.

We could go back and forth on this all day, but neither of us will convince the other. Suffice it to say:
I reject about 90% of the theories and philosophy of Ayn Rand! I hope you do well, however.


What BULLSHIT!  The politicians – owned lock, stock & barrel by the big energy companies – have not only rubber-stamped permits and approvals without proper review, they have trampled on the ownership rights of farmers, ranchers and others whose homes & livelihoods stand in the way of these black snakes.  “Eminent Domain” is supposed to be used ONLY for PUBLIC projects - such as highways or airports - NOT for usurp-
ing property rights and giving special privileges to the private, for-profit Multi-NaZional Korporations that so obviously own “our” government and employ trolls to spread misinformation.

EXACTLY!!   Which is why farmers and ranchers – both Native American and not – are so opposed to these pipeline projects to which The Politicians have given the ‘right’ to trespass on, pollute and even outright steal private land which has been owned for generations by those who live on it and depend on it for their own and their families livelihoods.


Sessions, “We will continue to encourage civil-asset forfeiture whenever appropriate in order to hit organized crime in the wallet.”
*But, but, isn’t that what We the People are trying to do to the organized criminal cartels that run Wall Street and the government?
*Yet Sessions says that is illegal and demonstrators may well lose their property and funds for trying to do so.
*Seems to me that it is well past time when We the People should get rid of this corrupt club and put together a “Government of the People, by the People, and for the People.”
*Lincoln hoped that would happen, that it would not perish, but instead, the Oilagarchy bought the Government to rule us for their own power and profit, and it is blessing the Brownshirts Dressed in Blue with weapons, praise and protection against punishment for their crimes, while punishing anybody who speaks out or demonstrates against it.
*Its funny, I don’t read any of that in the Constitution. See if you can still find a copy, read it carefully, and see if you see anything permitting what the government is perpetrating on We the People of this nation.


Or how’s about “Public Speakers”. Nice ring.


Thanks for that link to the Atlantic. Sessions says,"“We will continue to encourage civil-asset forfeiture whenever appropriate in order to hit organized crime in the wallet."

This is bullshit, piled on top of other bullshit. There is criminal-asset forfeiture and you can get every single possession of your stolen even without being charged, not to mention never found guilty of a crime.

So why in the Hell do we need civil-asset forfeiture ?

So they can steal from anyone, anytime, for anything, and go buy some military toys to threaten and control us all. Fascism is not coming–it has been here in the local police militarized for years–it is just spreading out its evil wings.



Don’t waste too much time debating the infiltration of Nazis in our government and law enforcement with someone supporting that ideology and suffering from dementation.

Once someone loses their ability to use logic, and closes their mind to possibility, it’s mostly pointless to help someone see what they refuse to see.


“I mean, you could claim that anything’s real if the only basis for believing in it is that nobody’s proved it doesn’t exist!”
― J.K. Rowling