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Government Wants to Improve Its Cybersecurity and Weaken Ours


Government Wants to Improve Its Cybersecurity and Weaken Ours

Thor Benson

Since the most successful hack ever launched against government servers compromised the personal information of more than 4.2 million government employees, the government has been scrambling to prevent it from happening again.

On June 4, the Office of Personnel Management announced it had been hacked, and officials have speculated that Chinese sources are to blame.


Our government is like a “John” in Amsterdam wanting to peek into the red-light district windows to check out the “merchandise.” It is sickening. “John” is of course free to hide behind his tattered trench coat and hat to cloak his identity.


Here is another area of concern, as reported in The Guardian yesterday:
Google eavesdropping tool installed on computers without permission

Also, I don’t think some guy named Xiao, eating MooShoo Chicken is the one switching off people’s security programs/antivirus protection without their permission.