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Governments Giving Fossil Fuel Companies $10 Million a Minute: IMF


Governments Giving Fossil Fuel Companies $10 Million a Minute: IMF

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The fossil fuel industry receives $5.3 trillion a year in government subsidies, despite its disastrous toll on the environment, human health, and other global inequality issues, a new report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) published Monday has found.


As many have known for many years, the Oilagarchy owns and controls those charged with our health and welfare. Congressmen and Senators owe their positions and their bank balance to the Oilagarchy and they will do what they are told, make legislation to insulate the Oilagarchy from any penalties or forced changes.

  • The Revolving Door which Mr. Øbama said was to be closed when he took office is approaching turbine speed. All to the detriment of We the People, the ecology and, to the ever increasing wealth of the 0.001% around the world.
  • Voting for any of the “D” or “R” sock puppets of the Oilagarchy is just allowing the farce to continue. Genuine Regime Change is needed, now!


Ok, vote for nobody or someone who doesn’t have any chance at all.

There is only one party with anyone in it who would make the changes needed. If you’re too lazy to stand behind them, then move but stop calling both parties the same. Do you have any idea what conservatives/republicans have in store for you and the country if they’re elected?

I’m sick of you guys lumping both parties together as if they’re the same. It’s b s that comes from the right. They’re smart that way and those like you apparently are easily swayed because you don’t look at the big picture.


Let’s be realistic. Narrow this down to the US alone. Instead of tackling the excessive handouts to corporations, this generation has only continued to target the pennies to still trickle down to low-wage workers and the disabled. We have elevated corporate powers to a god-like status since the 1980s, when we “liberated” them from regulations. Nearly every American now owes his soul to the corporate state – our jobs.


More evidence of the US bipartisan treason


Well, I understand how you feel… but, I have only one thing to say…
It’s coming…


It just seems strange, that the “International Monetary Fund” issued the information for this report. I’m probably confused again.


“IMF Working Papers describe research in progress by the author(s) and are published to elicit comments and to encourage debate. The views expressed in IMF Working Papers are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the views of the IMF, its Executive Board, or IMF management”

I am pretty sure nobody read past the title or clicked on the links. When i first glanced at it, it looked like the “Governments” are writing a check to the “Fossil Fuel Companies”. According to the report it doesn’t really work that way.


I can clearly assign blame, I have found the culprit who got us into this mess, it is us.

We can whine and print alarming junk that is only true from a specific perspective (propaganda). We can assign blame to those who did very well what the vast majority would have done if they could. We can wring our hands and wag our fingers. My money is on more of the same, and thicker skins of those accused.

When push comes to shove, I see no evidence in human history to support the thinking that any substantive changes will ever be made on a global scale using shame alone.

Environmentalism needs to start using methods that have worked in the past for other causes, like patriotism or capitalism. Or it needs to change it’s focus to saving the most even though that is vastly less than all. Nobody shouts on a corner “The End is Neigh!” without a suggestion as how to avoid the threat. Save who you can, point to your successes and to failures of those who ignored you.

If people had the morality your message appeals to, we would not be in this fix in the first place.


Well of course lamonte7, it is just propaganda.


Governments are not ‘giving’ anything, they just aren’t taking. How can you call government theft (taxation of the people) ‘giving’? Is the government ‘giving’ me money because it’s taken less from me? Oh thank you oh great government overlord. Also, why do these left-wing greenie fascist types always use pictures of steam coming out of chimneys? Oh look, scary
looking steam.


When people say that both parties are they same they are referring to the fact that both parties are corporate sell outs, not necessarily on ideology. Also having a bi-partisian system is the true mark of divide and conquer. They moved it down to two parties so the bickering just goes back and forth and isn’t productive.

So yes both parties ARE the same in that they are both corrupted by corporations and lobbyist.

Now as for voting, you vote statistically doesn’t mean shit, here is a study from Princeton University.
Until we fix this issue voting is almost meaningless.

Check this video out, which explains the study.


Haven’t watched the whole video yet but it’s interesting and factual so far.
My point is the big picture.
Which party is responsible for making it impossible to run a campaign without obscene amounts of money? Where can that kind of money come from? Who corrupted the system?
It’s Republicans/conservatives and the judges they own. There is not chance in hell of winning an election without a billion dollars or so. Who has that much money? The top .01% and corporations.
When you say both parties are ‘corrupted’ by corporations and lobbyists, you leave out those facts. You can’t even run unless you garner enough money so you’re forced to go to those that have it.
The only party (that has a chance) with politicians in it who want to change that are Democrats. Republicans will make it even worse and the country can’t survive their policies any longer.
Yes, the back and forth bickering is a waste of time but you can blame the country’s biggest problem of all…the media…which is now owned by conservatives. Until that’s changed, not much else will change and that’s where the war should be. The country is vastly uninformed.
There are those in the Democrat party who do get it and want change and but are none in the Republican party even interested.

A third party would be ideal but it’s not going to happen in time. The work should be for the politicians who want change who are already in office. A tough fight but it’s really all we have with the way things are.