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Governor Cuomo: Avoid Budget Cuts by Not Rebating Stock Sales Tax to Wall Street

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/06/governor-cuomo-avoid-budget-cuts-not-rebating-stock-sales-tax-wall-street


A rebated tax–who gets the credit for this? Orwell or the Late Great George Carlin?


Don’t believe the hype…Albany is a cess pool second only to Washington. Not going to happen.


Cuomo is busy getting ready his run for Prez in 2024. Another Clinton, Carter, Obama or Biden. All of them from the same mold, all POS’s.


“Astonishingly, the Governor electronically rebates an existing tiny stock transfer sales tax back to Wall Street. This stock transfer sales tax, bringing in an estimated 13 to 16 billion dollars a year, would reduce forthcoming budget cuts in health, education, transportation, and other safety nets” - Cuomo will not do a damn thing to restore the burden a tiny-bit more on great wealth; he will screw the public tho Great thanks to Ralph Nader for writing on this egregious give-Away!

Andy Cuomo is one of the most deceitful and vindictive politicians anywhere. He will never take a stand unless the public support is overwhelming, but he will, and does, always serve big-money interests as he screws the little guy and gal and family.

Take onerous unfair NY property taxes he refused to actually reform and based on income (the ability to pay) rather than our homes, or his $7.6 Billion nuke bailout of three Chicago corporation-owned upstate nuke plants, or disbanding his own anti-corruption Moreland Commission, he stymied at every turn, when they got too-close to him and/or crony’s!

~https://www.commondreams.org/views/2017/06/20/cuomos-nuke-bailout-right-out-trump-playbook - This Wall Street give-away is also right out of the trump playbook!

Don’t be fooled by Cuomo’s self-interested Covid briefings - his bloated ambition serves himself and big-money, NOT the Common Good! - he did little to protect or aid the poorest Black and Latino neighborhoods re Covid-19!


Thank you again Ralph for bringing this pimple to a head. Such a simple and logical fix. Peace


With the trillions of dollars the Fed just provided Wall street corporations, the banks, and the top 1%, you would think, a relatively insignificant fraction of 16 billion dollars tax would be imposed.


A worthwhile side issue that should be done. But a side issue just the same when talking about a state budget that is bloated with too many wasteful expenditures. Among the bloat is too many public employees, who are too highly compensated compared to average workers in NY.

Also, watch to see more of that sort of stock sales to move out of NY and NYC to other places.

All the talk of Cuomo being this and that is true, and the evidence has always been there. Maybe not in the MSM, but in the smaller news outlets. The problem stems from the fact people for one reason or other don’t take the time to read these smaller outlets, family, putting food on the table, maybe putting a roof over their head and some like to watch TV. Maybe with the NYPIRG and Ralph Nader bringing this the to forefront will open people’s eyes and see Cuomo for what he really is.

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Thanks to Mr. Nader for continuing to foster truth in ‘our’ government’s practices. Now let’s get out our pitchforks and head to the streets where other brave souls are demanding change.


When are the 90% going to gather the courage say “ENOUGH”!?


Daddy Mario tried a few times to raid the NYS retirement system, foiled
each time by Carl McCall.

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