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Grace Always Bats Last


Grace Always Bats Last

Another savage week, from St. Paul to Nice. With no words left, we turn to Toronto's Choir! Choir! Choir!, an experiment in harmony and community - "When it works, humanity amplifies" - that gathered Rufus Wainwright and 1,500 strangers to sing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah” and raise our collective spirits. Warsan Shire: "i held an atlas in my lap/ran my fingers across the whole world/and whispered/where does it hurt?/it answered/everywhere/everywhere/everywhere."


Thank you, Abby. That was great!. I was just ready to go to bed after reading a long string of political posts and disagreements: people arguing and "bickering". Then I invested a couple of minutes more of my time in this, and come out feeling like I just had a shower and massage!


thanks, abby. much needed.




As we hear more and more dire climate predictions, and as violence and hatred seem to grip our world, this feels like a last song. A song echoing from humanity, with hope in a world that can seem hopeless. It brought me to tears! Just beautiful!