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Grace Lee Boggs: A Century of Grass-Roots Organizing


Grace Lee Boggs: A Century of Grass-Roots Organizing

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

Grace Lee Boggs died this week at the age of 100. “She left this life as she lived it: surrounded by books, politics, people and ideas,” said her friends and caretakers, Shea Howell and Alice Jennings. Grace Lee Boggs was not only a grass-roots organizer, but a philosopher, a teacher and a revolutionary. She devoted her life to empowering the poor, the working class and communities of color, and was deeply involved with a constellation of movements, from civil rights and black power to labor, environmental justice and feminism.


I live just outside of Detroit and I have been a fan of Grace for years. She was a real treasure to the city of Detroit. She will be missed by the City ... and, of course, by me.


What A TRULY GREAT Spirit this Woman was- I was first introduced to her by Democracy Now, and she was absolutely fascinating- She was the inspiration to many, and will be greatly missed- Grace Lee Boggs parting is the stuff that makes you hope there is A Heaven, as that is surely where she would be....