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Graham-Cassidy Is Dead. Because the People Rose Up and Killed It


Graham-Cassidy Is Dead. Because the People Rose Up and Killed It.

Julia Conley, staff writer

Progressive groups celebrated their latest victory over the Republican-led Congress Tuesday after Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) announced that the Graham-Cassidy bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) would not go to a vote this week as planned.


Go cry in a corner Mitch the Bitch. Those sore losers are going to do whatever they can to sabotage Obamacare. Medicare for all now!


CHEERS AND BLESSINGS TO THE COURAGEOUS MEMBERS OF A.D.A.P.T. We are so proud of you all! You continued to protest in spite of being cruelly man-handled and tossed about like hay bales. What huge hearts and beautiful spirits you have!


Bravo. We’re still a long way from Medicare For All and getting rid of insurance companies/profit from healthcare, but what an excellent victory. The slimy Rethugs control all 3 branches of government and they STILL cannot pass their Deathcare BS. It truly is proof that the seemingly impossible really is possible if enough of us put our values first and stand up against the Oligarchy.

To all you LOTE voters that keep insisting that a progressive 3rd party is a pipe-dream and we “must work within the Democratic Party to effect change,” let this victory be an example of just how wrong you are.


Graham/Cassidy may be dead, but the ACA is not and it is a much larger and more complex enemy of Medicare for All, offering both proponents and opponents of true Single Payer multiple chances to avoid affordable, universal, comprehensive health insurance coverage – even as many of them say they support it. Republicans kill outright. DLC Democrats create situations where suicide is the only option. Kill the Duopoly before it kills us all.


Now we need to get rid of each representative that supported this bill starting with Graham, Cassidy, and Orin Hatch. Also, Democrats need to strengthen Medicaid with the same protections as Medicare.


I won’t hold my breath for an electoral landslide to stop the GOP. So far, almost a year after losing BIGLY, the Dems have yet to come up with an agenda that could possibly result in landslide victories. Maybe not victories at all.


Odd that killing more people unnecessarily didn’t gain the Republican and Democratic support evidenced in the past.
Don’t be fooled by this turn. Be vigilant because they will exploit the weak again as this is the root of their foundational principles.
Congrats to all those who try to bring light to darkness.
Overcome social darwinism!
Social democracy!


The ACA does not stop the insurance rate hikes. Still have to pay a fee if you opt out or am I wrong? I call it the unaffordable care act for far too many. McCain opposed the replacement for exactly why?


No. That’s what they want you to think.

They want you to think a few mavericks and “good guys/gals” in the GOP responded to the people and thus killed the bill.

But that’s kabuki theater.

The will never kill the Affordable Care Act. Why? Because it’s a gravy train for the big corporations who are the masters of the GOP.

When the Dems were in charge they rotated who’d be the ‘bad guy’ to stop a bill. Now the Republicans rotate who’ll be the ‘good guy’ to kill a bill.

But it was only rhetoric to rile up their base that the GOP really wanted to kill it. They don’t. Their donors don’t want them to kill it.

Don’t believe the hype.


And the “debate” that just took place with the Democratic plant of Senator Klouchar proves your point. It isn’t just the Republicans who are in the way but worse–the “centrist”, corporate Democrats may be the the real stumbling block to overcome to getting single payer for everyone. The Republicans, once again, come out as “unified” the Democrats, not so much.


This is the utter failure of Republicans to confront the realities of public health care in 2017. I can’t believe they are so far behind on the times and what they want equals something that is so far behind the times as to be embarrassing. But they are not embarrassed. TRUTH is where America is in terms of first world country comparisons is way behind the times. WAY behind the times. We need to study their healthcare programs to fully understand the difference between our huge costs for inadequate medical treatment to the costs of other first world nations.


Cutting military spending and taxing the rich will boost the economy and standard of living for all Americans.


The right wing is never dead –
they are always ready to rise up again.


mountain –

This really isn’t about GOP not facing reality – except that they may be a bit
surprised that this time they have not yet succeeded in this bold move to destroy
health care for 40 million …

This is about two parties owned by corporations/Elites where the elected officials
are doing the bidding of their masters. This is about Elite control of the nation
and total control of our government – all gained by their wealth which allowed
them to put corrupt leadership in power – and by their violence which secures
their fascism.

The right wing has always bragged (Cheney, Rove) that they create our reality,
that while we are trying to figure out what is happening in our nation they are
creating a new reality for us to live with.


You have Bernie and Elizabeth in the Democratic Party, then there are others in that progressive group that are not traditional Democrats. So there is indeed a difference in the two parties when it comes to health care. There is no equivalent group to point to in the Republican Party. You have mainstream Republicans, some of which are reasonable and then you have the Trump Republicans who are hopelessly racist, sexist, behind the times base voters and those that represent them.


While I would love to agree with you, Warren didn’t back Sanders (as I recall)
until perhaps at the last moment? And did finally back Hillary?
We see people like Warren rise and seemingly bring a bit of a cure for a time
but in the end not very much has happened for consumers as we see from
the destructiveness of corporations steadily increasing.

Bernie, of course, didn’t go all the way as he suggested he would and ended
up endorsing Hillary, though I think it’s possible he was threatened.
What Bernie Sanders is doing in keeping Medicare for All alive is admirable.

HOWEVER … as we’ve seen over decades, there is NO guarantee that the
party would actually deliver. We have watched betrayals on many issues
happen over and over again by the Dem Party, as well.

Basically, we have no liberals or moderates in either party in Congress …
NONE of them walk out on the party for anything that they have done or not done.
They are there for the check…
And in order to stay there they must cooperate with the DNC or they have to
exist in the party not only without support of the DNC, but with the opposition of
the DNC working against them.

Both parties are owned by Elites/corporations and you can be sure that they
will fight to the last against National Health Care for all. They are working
to destroy even France’s health care system … and are not about to have US
join in supporting a health care system.


Good luck in doing that as citizens have no leverage over our "elected"
representatives … especially not in voting on hack-able electronic computers.
See: Votescam - The Stealing of America.

There never was a “Southern Strategy” … there was only the hack-able
computer and stolen elections.

Plus, the large computers used by MSM came in about 1965 and they are
immediately gave immense new powers of manipulation to MSM where they
can now declare “winners and losers” based on 1% or even 0% of the vote
tally. Prior to the computers they were only permitted to report actual vote
tallies. See: 2000 and recall of Florida.

These are the systems used to keep right wing government in place here.

This is a liberal nation – if we had leverage over our Congress or White House
we would have a liberal government.


Mount –

This isn’t about Republicans being “so far behind the times” …
This is about being paid off and bought by Elites/corporations.

This is about both parties being owned by Elites/corporations –
and long have been.

You are being betrayed over and again and you have to recognize that.