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Graham-Cassidy: Maybe the Worst Republican Health Proposal Yet


Graham-Cassidy: Maybe the Worst Republican Health Proposal Yet

Josh Bivens, Hunter Blair

The first plan the House of Representatives put forward to repeal the Affordable Cart Act (ACA) was the American Health Care Act (AHCA). The Congressional Budget Office projected that the AHCA would cost 24 million Americans their health insurance coverage by 2026. An amended version, which passed the House, cut this number to 23 million.


On a positive note, in the next election, Americans will have never had a clearer and more consequential choice.

That is not to say or predict that they will vote Democrat or Republican.

It is to say that they will have no one to blame but themselves for, and nowhere to hide from, the country they create in 2018.



I couldn’t agree with you more, however, until which time elections in this country are carried out by the use of hand counted paper ballots, us Americans aren’t going to be responsible for creating anything new.


Neither of those whose names are attached to this mess is on the ballot until 2021.


Highly recommend (and encourage CD to re-publish) Russel Mokhiber’s new piece assessing the long-term fight for Single Payer, and the neoliberal Democrats like Harris and Booker who have signed on as co-sponsors of Sanders’ bill in the Senate:



I will never understand the strategy of the Green Party???Calif with open primary is the perfect place to run candidates for the House of Rep----put money behind a few candidates and get a one on one with a democrat-----get some people elected and it will make a big difference. But just understand the green party seems devoid of working people<or this is the way it comes across.


How would this plan affect Ohio? I hope people of Calif and NY are paying attention-----the small states want your money----and in most of these small states it won’t go to the common people. Calif already only gets back something like 87 cents from every dollar sent to the fed gov----many of these small states get something like a 1.50 back. One would think this would be an issue in Calif races. Paying attention Calif your republican congresspeople are voting against your interest----VOTE THEM OUT!


Sen Johnson of Wisconsin stated today that low income able bodied single people should not get help from the government----these people pay all kinds of taxes and get treated like crap—I hope these people are paying attention. Rand Paul said the same thing on the Senate floor----people need to work–translation BE GOOD SLAVES.


Even better, look at small red states, like the homes of Graham and Cassidy. They’re the focus of the asymmetry of federal taxes and funding.


Just the fact that it takes money away from the states that care about their poorer citizens and gives it to states that want their poorer citizens to suffer and die shows that it is written by singularly dishonest people. And then when they try to claim that somehow this is “fair,” it leaves no doubt that Cassidy and Graham are beneath contempt.

Jimmy Kimmel says there is a new Jimmy Kimmel test called a lie detector test and Cassidy is welcome to come on his show any time and take it. Cassidy shows no intention of taking him up on it.