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Grampa Is Yelling Again After GOP Finds Him Totally Innocent Of Everything


Grampa Is Yelling Again After GOP Finds Him Totally Innocent Of Everything

In a real shocker, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee say they “talked to everybody we feel we need to talk to” and found no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign no siree Bob, zip, nada, time to go home and never mind the broad consensus by the intelligence community. Babbling Grampa celebrated the meaningful vindication, aka complicit bullshit, with a TWITTER RANT because, it was noted, "Nothing screams innocence like using all caps."


Thanks Abby, the photo of Putin and his Donnie Doll says it all.


I’d like to see this narrative turned into a teach-in on US meddling in elections around the globe. Sauce for the goose, and all that.


Gee, Republicans finding a member of their own Team innocent of any wrongdoing. Who woulda thunk it?

Now, imagine if the President was a DemocRat, and the same accusations about collusion had been leveled. Any guess as to what those same Republicans on the same Committee would have said and done? Hint: it wouldn’t be “innocent,” and it wouldn’t be “our work is done.”


Sounds like the tobacco companies concluding they found no evidence smoking causes lung cancer, or the fossil fuel barons finding no evidence their emissions are linked to climate change. How can anyone take a blatant artisan response seriously?
But maybe cosmic justice is at work, as we surely interfere in Russia, Ukraine, Central America… etc


I dunno, Guild, your post seems almost treasonous in these times…no matter how INSIGHTFUL!


It’s tit for tat. Reverse rolls and nothing much would change. The “Ds” and “Rs” are interchangeable in their corruption and wrongheadedness!


The Russia-Russia-Russia insanity is a created bunch of bullshit to deflect EXACTLY what you posted! It’s also KARMA because their cheating Sanders in the primary set it all up for the WORST TWO CANDIDATES IN U.S. HISTORY for “We the People”.


This piece is more shallow (neo)liberal tripe to distract from understanding how a duopoly dictatorship controls an entire nation (and much of the globe) on behalf of their oligarchical and plutocratic masters. Really childish stuff actually.


Well now Tom, maybe you should write pieces and submit them for publication and if accepted then maybe it would raise the level of discourse here to your standards of excellence.


What a great idea! I’ve been working on a number of pieces - and if you just hold your breath until they’re published, we’ll all be happy.


Consensus isn’t proof! Over a year and a half and still no actual evidence of Russian election interference. BTW, your precious “intelligence community” were united in their consensus about Iraqi WMD’s too!


How is it Karma since it seems to benefiting the Democrats and allowing them go off scott-free for cheating Sanders?


Think about it a little more. Besides, I think you got the thrust of my post or you wouldn’t have given it a like? Anyway, we are on the same page, I’m sure.


“no siree Bob, zip, nada, time to go home and never mind that broad contradictory consensus by intelligence agencies.”

Actually the article CD was trying to link to (the NY times, and the link is broken), does not say the Intelligence Agencies found collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. Quote:

“It said that all four agencies had “high confidence” that Russian spies had tried to interfere in the election on the orders of President Vladimir V. Putin.”

Anyway, neither did Paul Mueller find anything.

Best to move on and find other ways to attack the President, the Russia angle doesn’t seem to be working out. Maybe get him to lie under oath about his affair with Stormy a la Slick Willie and maybe impeach him then.


There is more unsupported BS in these posts below than in the article itself. Glad to see the audience here knows how to support their BS allegations without any citations, or recognizable, responsible, research-able sources, or even intelligent journalism or anything else resembling such. (Essay Writing in College 101).

Time for a refresher course?

Hey, I know for certain —because i read it online somewhere that I cannot remember— that the moon landing was a hoax . . .


Or, possibly, Most. Stupid. Electorate. Ever.


You are right. Both of these factors combined to make a “Perfect Storm”. Now we shall reap the whirlwind, I fear.