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Grampy Heelspurs Loves A Parade

Grampy Heelspurs Loves A Parade

About that parade Commander-In-Chief All-Hat-and-No-Cattle is demanding like a 10-year-old: “I want a parade like the one in France,” maybe even with epaulettes! It's stupid, expensive, bellicose. We are not North Korea (yet). He already had a Nazi parade. Why not parade homeless vets? The final irony: Grunts hate the idea. "It's the work party no one asked for," gripes one. "No fucking soldier wants to be in a fucking parade."

as our might is paraded through town, russia and china looking on with glee as trump reveals what is being sold to the highest buyer. a parade for our military or for trump? our journalists should take pictures of the homeless lining the streets making sure they are in a school history book alongside mention of a parade. i can remember living on a training base and the pomp and circumstance of graduation, believe me our soldiers don’t like to do parades. and yet he still wants his wall. $24 million for a fridge, however much this parade will cost…either the wall or a parade. should be interesting to hear his thoughts.

And now a brief word about consequences:


“No fucking soldier wants to be in a fucking parade. If you had served, you’d know this.”

Since they won’t be allowed to march as Color Guard I think homeless Vets taking up the Rear Guard position would be highly beneficial to the Country

Let people really see the current condition our country has relegated to those who have Served

His thoughts? He doesn’t have any – he’s a 1o-yeae-old dotard in a fat old man’s body.

My gut says this is going to be rump’s most spectacular fail of his pathetic life.

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I suppose this answers the age old question: Who doesn’t love a parade?

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