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Grand Canyon in the Crosshairs? Risky Mega-Development Moves Forward


Grand Canyon in the Crosshairs? Risky Mega-Development Moves Forward

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The U.S. Forest Service is considering approval for a mega-development on the outskirts of the majestic Grand Canyon—a project the superintendent of Grand Canyon National Park has called one of the greatest threats in the 96-year history of the park.


Nothing is sacred to the capitalist greedballs. Just one more plan confirming that capitalism must be removed from this planet if people are to have a chance.


A great opportunity for the city of the future. Let them do it, but the water and sewage system has to be a closed system. In other words, they have to drink their own treated waste water. ALL electrical power MUST be solar. No vehicles allowed into the city that are powered by fossil fuels (Like Zermatt Switzerland). In fact, all vehicles must be parked on the outskirt of the town and people must use electric powered mass transit. Let’s put down some really stringent environmental controls. This COULD BE a good thing!


Pppppwwwwmmmmpppwwpwwmmmmm… I do not think so.


A spa and a conference center. Just what the area needs. Condos. When I was a kid, people went to the National Parks for an experience with the park environment . A mall nearby was not required. The reason they build all this stuff is because Americans now are so Disneyfied they actually think it’s good. In the 1960’s if you would have said this was coming people would have said you were nuts.


Great and timely article CD! Follow the links, send letters to the Forest Service, sign petitions.

We can stop this, but it will take some work.


Hey, how about this… http:/ /www. nocarbon budget .info/


In the late 1990’s I spent a week rafting down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon - God’s country. No towns, no cars, no spas and no DOLLAR BILLS. Just me, a few other people and the most gloriously, unbelievably beautiful place in the world. That kind of experience will never happen a mile away from the rim. It doesn’t even happen when you are standing on the rim - which I had done the year before the rafting. The view stuns, the rafting trip transports.

Not everyone can make the rafting trip, but I know enough people already do the view from the South Rim. There is no need for a monstrosity like this mega-development to happen - accept to accommodate the amassers of DOLLAR BILLS, and those who can afford to spend them.


From the Stilo site - boycott potential: Nike, Levi’s, Benetton others listed below:

"Several Stilo subsidiary companies are instrumental to the specific implementation of its core
development activities: Progen Ltd for architectural design, Cogestil s.p.a. for general construction and Premium Retail Ltd for marketing and Added Value Management Ltd. Provide for the management of commercial spaces.

Gruppo Percassi, one of the owners of Stilo, is the largest retailer in Italy as a joint partner or distributor for national and international brands such as Benetton, Sisley, Nike, Inditex Group (Oysho, Zara, Zara Home, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti, Bershka and Kiddy’s Class), Levi’s, Ferrari, Guess, Calvin Klein, Swatch, Breil, Tommy Hilfiger, Just Cavalli and Kiko.


(Sec. of the Interior) Sally Jewell strikes again.
Cracks me up that the press got all excited about her job as CEO of the Walmart of outdoor equipment, and ignored how she first engineered, then helped finance Mobil’s oilfield developments. A true friend to fracking addicts everywhere, and proof that there is very little difference between the D & R when it comes to selling out the nation to line the pockets of politicians.


The Forest Service is following the regulatory process, which means that there will be a period of public comment, after which jack squat will happen to stop the project, regardless of how many people voice their opposition. The problem with the legal-regulatory process is there is nothing in where people can STOP a project.

Curious as to what the people of Tusayan think of this project.


You seem pretty pessimistic. Here in the NW, we have managed to greatly reduce the likelihood of coal trains running through our backyard. Note I said greatly reduce, it’s not over yet. But your input does matter.


Good! Better to just sell off all the National Parks now so companies can’t sue us for not selling them after TPP passes.

“We’ve lost billions because we couldn’t build gated communities in the Grand Canyon. That’s in addition to all the money we’ve lost by not being able to log the Sequoia National Park.”


I see where you are going with this and if money could not be given to politicians for support of corporate greed I would agree with you, However that is not the case and allowing development based on promises is a fools path.
It might possibly be feasible if the required infrastructure was built first, as a indication of good faith. This means not just plans and drawings but real operating water and power systems capable of support for the planned community, Only then can the gated community be built and sold.
Good luck on that !
As an aside I visited the Grand Canyon forty five years ago and still remember the awe that looking down on the Colorado River gave me. I also remember the housing tracts laid out on a dessicated plain subject to a never ceasing wind.


There is nothing wrong with Capitalism, just as there is nothing wrong with Socialism. The problem, , of course, is that both systems are operated by Humans. Greedy, venal, self serving, save nothing for tomorrow, Humans!
Socialism taken to the extreme becomes, at best, a hive mind and all Must fit into a place.
Capitalism becomes a system of overlords who use the human resource as a method to generate control and amass wealth.Both systems exploit the common man and can become extremist but a combination of using the best of both is a true path for humanity. A socialistic capitalistic democracy is a perfect system of economic and social governance.


Capitalism is a cancer that serves the few at the expense of the many and leaves a wake of destruction that is decimating life on earth. It is a scam system of greed and corruption. There is everything wrong with the worship of money and greed that disregards life. Socialism is just the opposite but has, in the past, been warped by isolation and being under siege. Socialism, to be successful, requires changing not only economics but how we relate to each other and to the world of which we are a part. It is democracy, not a “hive mind.” The “hive” is best seen in the corporate media and the workplace where we are drones subject to the orchestrated narrative of the elite. Dogmatism, whether religious or political also leads to oppression. If we are to survive, we must have eco-socialist principles and creative, democratic application of those principles to reclaim and restore our planet and our future.


In Washington State the forest service is ready to approve Navy Electronic War Games over Olympic National Park. The Navy will be flying 1000 flights a day using the ultra-loud Growler Jets over Olympic National Park - a World Heritage Site - and over all the communities located in the Olympic Peninsula. Our Congressman Derek Kilmer has thrown his constituents, who voted him into office, under the Navy Bus. Most people here are angry and frustrated with the forest service.
The Navy waited until our previous Congressman, Norm Dick, retired because he would never have allowed the Navy to desecrate our National Park.

What is happening to the Grand Canyon is another example of the forest service detaching itself from its responsibility to the American People. It serves the 1%. Nothing is sacred to the Corporate Person.


I wonder how close to the truth your sarcasm is?


How about Navy Growler Jets playing Electronic War Games over Olympic National Park? 1000 flights a day over our World Heritage Site. The War Machine in action.


The reason they build these complexes next to National Treasures is to separate the 1% from the unwashed masses (us).