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Grand Canyon Pillagers Hope to Harness Trump Administration's Disdain for Natural World

Grand Canyon Pillagers Hope to Harness Trump Administration's Disdain for Natural World

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Regional officials are jockeying for the Trump administration to dump an Obama-era ban on uranium mining that its supporters applauded for having closed "the door on rampant industrialization of Grand Canyon's watersheds."


Nothing like raping and pillaging one of the World Wonders for the sake of profit. No human has the right to lay waste to one of our nation’s most recognizable natural wonders known around the world. And there is nothing more environmentally devastating than uranium mining. The Navajo and Hopi water resources will be compromised as well as that of the Colorado River that courses through the Canyon. And tourism will come to an abrupt halt.

When will the devil incarnate STOP ruining our nation and the planet? When will he and his legion of demons be stopped? When it is too late to undo their devastation, destruction, and irreparable damage?

And for all who continue to support Satan, forget about your personal wild places remaining unscathed as all are in peril thanks to your emperor of evil. And all those jobs he promised, Ahhahhha, ahhhahhhaaa, (gasp), ahahahhhha…


The “ban took away much needed growth and jobs from our area” – this “rationale” can be used to maintain and excuse any activity whatsoever, no matter how heinous or destructive. Let’s see – closing Auschwitz will take away much needed growth and jobs from the area. Closing Chernobyl will take away much needed growth and jobs from the area. Preventing killer smogs will take away much needed growth and jobs. Banning DDT will take away much needed growth and jobs. Etc., etc. Nothing is sacred except profit.


Really. Metaphorically (maybe not though), the anti-Christ now rules our country through his minions Trump, the republican party, and their craven imitators, the democrats. The ONLY things that matter are money and power. As for us lowly peons, well, peons over the ages have learned to suck it up, so we are told in no uncertain terms to grab our bootstraps, bend over, and kiss our own asses (and in the case of climate change, kiss our asses goodbye). Hey, here’s an idea – let’s clear-cut Sequoia National Park and every national forest. All those trees going to waste!


And this in a state where sunshine is abundant–clearly they are liars. As far as having no effect on ground water, etc.:


Let’s test the safety (that they don’t contaminate groundwater) of the mining solutions (those that dissolve the uranium from its geological setting) by pumping them up into the asses of mining proponents. A few hundred pore volumes would probably satisfy my curiosity…


The devil is a conservative.


Back in the Sixties, I met a young Navajo sheperd moving a small flock of sheep to a water hole. It was a seven mile walk one way. I invited him to my campsite and we talked. I from the biggest and hippest east coast city and he from another century. He told me of being taken from his family by force as a child and of punishment if he spoke Navaho and of handcuffs and more. Then he asked me if it was possible that something that you couldn’t see nor touch nor smell could be dangerous like they told his grandmother trying to make her move from her hogan. I wasn’t sure what he meant but I guessed it was radiation. His non technological mind was quite intelligent but scarred by racism and suspicious of anything to do with the non Navaho but he trusted me and we overcame the vast distance between us as we sat around the campfire.

It turned out that years ago, they (the uranium mine where Navajos worked for low wages because there were no other jobs on the reservation) gave the Navajos uranium tailings with which to build hogans with. Many of the traditional Navajos like his granparents being totally unaware of the risk, built their hogans out of the toxic tailings and had been living in them. Apparently other people (of good will) had recently become aware of the practice and had warned the Navajo but like with this young man, invisible, tasteless and unable to be touched meant that it didn’t exist. He wanted to know if he should believe these outsiders about it. I had a mane of hair that nearly reached my waist, lived ‘On the road’, had radical politics and knew Native American history. I did my best to explain but he related how much his elderly grandmother was happy that she had a hogan of her own to live in and how hard it would be to convince that something she couldn’t see or touch was so dangerous. The understanding being that outsiders always tried to get the Navaho to give up their homes and sell their rights etc. He told me that I was different (that I most certainly was at least to look at) and he trusted me. I was honored by that and have always felt that way.

I never forgot him. A man from another century.


Our multi nationals and other extractors have been raping and pillaging in nations ran by dictators and greedy no good scammers around the world who care nothing about the people they rule over. Money and power is it!

They will get there wish with Trump in office or any other republicon.


Trump. as well as his entire administration, are a disaster area in themselves…


Is nothing sacred to these greedy bastards? These are among the world’s greatest natural wonders, yet they would risk the degradation of them for “jobs”, meaning profits to be made off of what rightly belongs to all of us, especially Indigenous Peoples. Their goal, as always, is to privatize profits while socializing the inevitable long-term costs. In the case of the Grand Canyon, and other natural wonders of that area, replacement and remediation would be impossible at any cost.


Craven imitators, democrats?
Yin/Yang, individualist/cooperative duopoly persists…
More antagonistic? Authoritarian decree from beyond?
Please Impeach the peach-colored face mouth eye-leering once possible person
after a life of entertainment’s most appalling ribald sexualisms all night. Him. Impeach him or kiss my butt.

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My experience, 1980’s with fellow carpenter friends installed insulation,
consequently a Carter-era industry evolved reducing demand below projections from Wwpps for
their 4 nuclear power plants cancelled due to energy conservation measures. Top that!
Trojan decommissioned for the same reason: false projected demand.
Oregon BLAMES Washington DOT Agencies, all of them! Seattle the worst!
Con-cohesively conclusive: We’re both satisfied Port Directors Wyatt and Bryant lost, obviously worse characters to mind international shipping. Billy’s BRYANT/WYATT LOST !!
oh happy day…!

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Don’t you like me, get sick and tired of the saying that: “we are bringing jobs” ! Which is just another lie for bringing a few jobs at the expense of the devastation and pillage of beautiful and pristine places like the Grand Canyon for huge corporate profits.

The big lie of the American Empire in foreign countries; “that we are bringing them freedom and democracy” has been replaced domestically, by the American Empires lie of we are bringing them jobs!


If anyone is worried about the “watershed” of the Grand Canyon, then they should be worried about the Colorado River…the only “watershed” there is in those parts. It used to flow uninterrupted to the Gulf of California, now it peters out in the desert a long way from the gulf. The reason is the hydroelectric dams and the resulting flow off for agricultural and urban projects.


AMERICANS AS A WHOLE HAVE NO IDEA THIS IS GOING ON. And can just bet the Mormon Church in Utah might be involved in it.

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And lots of money buys lots of power and the impunity to murder Earth and all her children. This has to stop if we’re to survive, now!


Lake Meade, fed by the Colorado, is at all time lows, which just shows how the west is threatened by further mining and energy extraction. Droughts will increase in the coming decades in the west. I live in NM and have seen a marked shift in weather patterns this century.(Hotter and dryer).


People have NO CONCEPT of what’s going on on the Colorado right now. The “Confluence” area is the target of a massive land rape. It’s not even being discussed in the mainstream media. They are hiding all of these issues in the hope that they can keep drawing ratings and money discussing the nothingness of the stuff that does not count, like Ivanka’s shoe line. Best for ramming up Trumps ass.

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Typical going off on the headline and not paying much attention to the content or what’s going on on the ground.

Nobody is contemplating mining “in the Grand Canyon”. All the proposals are some distance away from the rim. Possibly outside the boundaries of the National Park. As for tourism, there used to be uranium mining about 1/2 mile west of the Bright Angel Trailhead, just over the rim. You can stop now and look down on it. When it was operating it had little effect on tourist visits.

I am a trifle amazed that there is a market for mining and selling uranium. If the greens were as successful promoting green energy alternatives as they say they are, then the market for uranium would be cratering like the current market for coal, eh?

All those mentions of the Navajo and Hopi are geographically incorrect. There has been past uranium mining on Navajo land. The current proposals are all to the west of Navajo land. If Mohave county is involved, then that is very far to the west of Navajo land and possibly west of Havasupai land too.

We can ask a fair question of who rightfully owns most of that land. Much of it was ‘stolen’ from the native Americans many decades ago, and doesn’t morally rightfully belong to ‘the public and people of the USA’.

That said, I have seen wildly alarmist politicking by ‘Grand Canyon Coalition’ seeking to essentially ban all mining of everything north of I-40 in Arizona. And I know people who oppose all extractive industry anywhere in the USA.