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Grand Jury Clears Planned Parenthood, Indicts Fake Tape Activists Instead


Grand Jury Clears Planned Parenthood, Indicts Fake Tape Activists Instead

- Common Dreams staff

A grand jury in Texas, which was created to investigate Planned Parenthood’s Houston affiliate following the August 2014 release of an undercover video taken inside the clinic, cleared the Planned Parenthood of any wrongdoing on Monday, and, instead indicted the anti-abortion activists who made the video.


What is Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick saying now??? Love the photo of egg on face - very appropriate for Patrick.


I am amazed! I thought the only point of grand juries was to say it's okay for police to kill Black people!


Talk about being hoist on your own petard!! It's about time that this kind of fraud is dealt with as it should be -- a felonious criminal act. The most disturbing aspect of these kinds of incidents is not the fraud itself. One expects that kind deceitful and moronic behavior from the right. It is that republicans continue to pretend that the fraud represents reality. ACORN was once the target of such a shallow and easily seen through scam. But, even after the fraud was exposed, Senator Chuck Grassley himself exclaimed that ACORN was caught aiding and abetting criminal behavior (in a letter to me after I wrote him to ask that ACORN be re-funded and given a big apology for the scape-goating). I guess that republicans believe we are all as stupid as they are deceitful.

Enjoy your indictments! I sure do.


About damn time that the anti-choice wingnuts are taken to task for their lies, subterfuge, criminal acts, and disgusting conduct. Center for Medical Progress is a 501 C3 non-profit...what a joke! Their tactics are reprehensible.

Forgot to add that David Daleiden is formerly of the Operation Rescue/Operation Save America/Operation Rescue National that murdered Dr. George Tiller in 2009. What a P.O.S. Daleiden is. His funding comes from the same source as Operation Assassination, Inc. (what the name of Op. Rescue should be).




I suppose Planned Parenthood has much stronger political connections than ACORN did. The fake tape activists probably did not take that into account.



Cluck cluck cluck!


Our nation has three branches of government. The first branch, billionaires, is obvious. The second branch is runaway juries. They act as a check and balance against billionaires, because nobody else sure does. The third is cops, who are a law all unto themselves because they have guns.


You forgot to note that the allegations from Planned Parenthood are part of a lawsuit they are pursuing against the makers of the "documentary" which means a double whammy legally for the video makers.


Jusice? In texas? Who'd a thunk it? This is very encouraging. Maybe there is hope in this world. Glad to see that people don't just buckle under and obey the conservatives. This is supposed to be a free country after all where people should do the thinking for themselves instead of letting others do it for them.


How many body parts does Wall Street get from its war victims?


Well, the good news is that they will be doing time in Texas, where they activily gas prisons about every few months, beat prisoners with no recourse...yes these activists are getting exactly what they deserve. How many times have those two said evil arse crap about the people they tried to set up you think? And its likely they know someone who would be willing to kill someone at an abortion clinic...these two got what they deserve, make no mistake about that.


Great karma at work there. If they haven't done so already, I hope the Planned Parenthood center files a Civil Suit against the two indicted criminals and the organization they created. Planned Parenthood should be awarded the cash value of all their personal assets. That civil case should be expanded to included every individual who was a member. Seems to me they share in the guilt of the criminals and should share in mitigating the reputation of Planned Parenthood that has been harmed.


Two things: ACORN served primarily non-whites in need so one cannot rule out racism being a big part of the motivation of the criminals who destroyed them. Next, Cecile Richards is the president of Planned Parenthood (since 2006) and just happens to be the daughter of Ann Richards (deceased), former governor of Texas (and a very good one at that...far superior to her predecessors, GWB, Rick Perry and current Governor Abbott). Ms. C. Richards is competent, brilliant, politically savvy and connected. Planned Parenthood is fortunate to have an outstanding leader like Cecile Richards.


If there's a republican in the governor's mansion at sentencing, it's likely they'll be released before they leave the holding facility and never see the prison gates from the inside.


Your side is in serious trouble when it convenes a Star Chamber Court and
the system finds your opponent innocent 12+ times


planned parenthood? no, planned baby death...