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'Grandstanders': Trump Lashes Out as CEOs Pressured to Denounce Racism


'Grandstanders': Trump Lashes Out as CEOs Pressured to Denounce Racism

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The CEOs of some of America's largest companies are rushing to distance themselves from President Donald Trump following his failure to immediately denounce white supremacist violence—and the president is lashing out.


Why did these CEOs ever agree to be in this group anyway?


That is the question isn’t it. The Pumpkin Fuhrer is a complete imbecile yet they apparently couldn’t see that. Hopefully the rest will resign. Elect a clown, expect a circus.


Yeah, apparently even sociopaths have rules.


Because they saw profit in it, that’s why. Remember, they didn’t care about the Muslim ban, the sexual predation, the past evidence of racism, etc. These CEOs are not good people; they’re just marginally better than Trump. They aren’t here to help anyone but themselves.


These corporate suits are hardly our allies either.

But the way they no longer see money to be made in racism and xenophobia is a small sign of progress bubbling up from below, I guess.


What the hell is Richard Trumka doing having anything to do with Trump and these billionaire capitalist bosses?

The working class and the capitalist class have nothing in common. So much for the AFL-CIO representing the working class…


He just said that he waited to denounce the Alt right until he had all the facts. HUH? where does he get all the facts? Off of the used toilette paper at his New York Suite? Fake president. The man is about to implode and blow Venezuela away. The candle lit Trump supporters at Charlottesville has given us a gimps of the future for our country. All because of an arcane flaw in our election process.


I take great heart from consumers realising that they have immense power over CEOs. By simply boycotting their tarnished wares will bring them to heel in a flash. Apply this to any Corporate whose behaviour is unacceptable - be it slavery, exploitation, pollution, sexism, bullying etc. An orchestrated campaign against one at a time and giving them a score on a Fair Trade or Ethics Watchlist will soon improve corporate governance. BOYCOTT - the very word’s history is rooted in the Irish land wars.


What a surprise. The death (weapons) manufacturer’s haven’t resigned yet.


Well for certain the tragedy provided a way out for some but what of the ones that bailed before this? Is something in the wind? Something where these very successful ‘winners’ are coming to see their being associated with the Trump presidency as a ‘loser’ option for them in the pages of history? Trump the new neighbor that you invite to a party and regret it immensely because the person turns out to be crude and boorish?

Or is something else involved? A lack of judgement on behalf of Trump that showed them his flaws? These people are intelligent and successful whereas Trump was born rich. He hasn’t accomplished all that much in office either. Trump is beginning to appear spiteful and vindictive, as if resenting his drop in popularity and like the kid who owns the baseball, he wants the other kids to play the way he says they should or he won’t let anyone play!

Trump has been attacking our institutions and traditions, he is giving away our protected parkland and forests, everything is up for grabs with Trump, the EPA of secrecy? WTF! He is increasingly acting spiteful as if he is going to ruin America because people don’t like him! Trump wants to teach America a lesson! Trump wants to punish us for not loving him and just maybe others are beginning to see it too, so they bail!


We have seen how dark and evil fascism is. We now know what it looks like and what it is capable of. Killing hurting those innocent and human enough to oppose it. It can no longer be tolerated. It does not respond to reason or logic, that only enrages it and its infected and diseased participants. An infection and a disease can not be ignored. It will metastasize and destroy an entire society. Words are not sufficient, a clear plan of action is needed and swiftly. Speak out leaders and speak loudly and clearly.


Want to get an idea of what the business community is about watch CNBC----these people detest the working people–back in the housing crisis the view was that people should not be allowed to walk away from their underwater homes(even though corporations do this every day)the view was that people should carry this debt until paid. Today on Fast Money the five panelists were very concerned about the tax bill after Trumps remarks. Its interesting how we separate politics and economics in our culture.


My anger is focused on the AFL-CIO. Their seats on this council highlights just how corrupt, pro-corporate the leadership of the union has gotten and how out of touch with their members. If you want to know why unions are losing membership? Look no further than Richard Trumpka. Brothers and sisters of the AFL-CIO it is time to throw the bums out of office and find your inner Lucy Parsons. [Former proud member of the IAMAW]


When boycotting Campbell Soup also remember Prego, V8, Pepperidge Farms, Plum Organics and Royal Dansk also support the racist orange president. I would say to boycott Dell but anyone who buys their overheating, POS products probably deserves it.


I found the list on line too small to read, so here is the breakout:

Those who left:
Mark Fields, Ford Motor Company
Marie Longhi, US Steel
Ken Frazier, Merck & Co., Inc.
Elen Musk, Tesla
Klaus Kleinfeld, Arconic
Scott Paul, Alliance for American Mfg.
Brian Krzanich, Intel Corporation
Kevin Plank, Under Armour
Thea Lee, AFL-CIO
Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO

Those who still remain:
Andrew Liveris, Dow Chemical Company
Denise Morrison, Campbell Soup Company
Bill Brown, Harris Corporation
Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing
Michael Dell, Dell Technologies
Doug Oberhelman, Caterpillar
John Ferriola, Nucor Corporation
Michael Polk, Newell Brands
Jeff Fettig, Whirlpool Corporation
Mark Sutton, International Paper
Alex Gorsky, Johnson & Johnson
Inge Thulin, 3M
Greg Hayes, United Technologies
Wendell Weeks, Corning
Marilynn Hewson, Lockheed Martin
Jeff Immelt, General Electic
Jim Kamsickas, Dana Inc.
Rich Kyle, The Timken Company

If you are so moved, email those who remain and accuse them of supporting a racist presidency. Email those who left to thank them for not supporting a racist presidency.


He sure doesn’t have all the facts when he runs off at the mouth about everything else. He was apparently winging it when he made Saturday’s and yesterday’s statements. And when he does that, we can see the real substance of DJT, Faux President.


Who do you think comprises the one percent? These orchestrated committees are nothing more than Trump’s pandering to the egos of the one percent for campaign contributions for his upcoming reelection. This type of committee was used to create the free trade and anti-environmental trade agreements foisted upon us since the Republican lite Clinton Administration and continued by every administration since. That a few of these plutocrats still have the scruples to respect the spotlight being part of to these committees attracts.
As a point of interest, only five of the twenty eight CEO s selected were women of those only two remain. I do not know if this imbalance is due to a dearth of female CEO s or Trump’s misogyny or both.


I’ll bet that they are still looking forward to their promised tax cuts though.


An enlightened government of the people, by the people for the people would tax the rich to help the poor. Some men look at things and ask why? I dream of things that never were and ask, Why Not?