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Grappling With a Divided Nation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/17/grappling-divided-nation


~“Real social progress rarely comes slowly and steadily, but in leaps and bounds. The predictable stalemate of the next administration and its Republican opposition can’t be broken by grand speeches in the House or Senate. It can only be broken by a vast social movement capable of awakening the moral imagination of the nation.”

And that movement will be “The Movement for a People’s Party.”

Say “goodbye” to the devious Duopoly, and “hello” to "Power to the People."


The article’s priorities are well stated, but there is a blindspot.

There is little beyond the use of words from Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’ careers

which can credibly be said to support the underlying assumption that either of them

are capable of doing what needs to be done.

In any likely “stalemate” between the incoming administration and republicans, the resolution

is going to be primarily an greater exacerbation of the problem.

That was the method employed by every president of, at least, the past 4 decades and it has

been the defining characteristic of Biden and Harris’ careers.

The author delineates what the democrats and republicans consider to be aspects of an

evil socialistic overhaul of the private corporatism which these parties worship.

The divide between economic status is guaranteed while there is a widely held delusion

that the democrats and republicans are oppositional. Their primary difference is over which is the most

effective manner in which to create a greater disaster for their corporate profiteers.

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Applause for Reverend Theoharis’ work. But there is a gaping error here.

"Today, as top Democrats like Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer claim the legacy of Great Depression-era President Franklin Delano Roosevelt . . . "

But they do not claim any such thing, despite the links. It is fine to send a request anyway, and I suppose anyone can word these as he or she might prefer. But we will have to attend to how we respond when Joe attends to his funders.


Let the nation be divided. Let the poor dumb states see what it’s like to get their wish and be on their own.
They’ll come crawling back with their racist tails up their ass cheeks.

Biden’s inauguration should be the largest mass protest in US history with all effort made to set up permanent encampments; Occupy DC. Not Democrats, Republicans, not young hipsters, but the working class and poor from age 16 to 80. Let the world see the true face of AmeriKKKa on the nightly news and force Congress to budget the city of DC enough to care for people occupying every square inch of available land.


RUPERT MURDOCH-------Fox “News” was pushing violence all summer--------no diferent from Alex Jones—it is just the the most watched cable “news” channel??? Carlson and Hannity are desperately telling their viewers that the election was fixed and stolen—fox viewers are pissed because fox called Arizona and then the election for Biden.

The asshole above----Fox—MSNBC—Trump----corporate elite of both parties don’t want a real conversation about healthcare-----living wage------and heaven forbid anything to do with the military----How many children died today in Venezuela from US sanctions?-----it’s all about DISTRACTION!

Right on target. Not that the world would be seeing the ‘true face’ of the country for a New York minute without a mother lode of foreign press around. Seems however that with enough of the ‘lost and forsaken’
‘clogging’ the golden streets of the power brokers, notoriety would necessarily follow. ( If you’ve noticed there were some remarkably perceptive articles on the looming disaster of a Biden/Harrisadministration in both English and Australian media.posted post-election).

And that notoriety desperately NEEDS to.follow. Because the so-called ‘divisiveness’ which has to date has been,- at least on this forum - attributed to Trump, is in EQUAL MEASURE being perpetrated by Bidenites - and a very plausible argument that it is WORSE than Trump. Reference post preceding yours. Yep, the world definitely needs to see the ‘true face’ of this country