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Grassroots Groups Beg Scottish MPs to Stop US Corporate Power Grab



If anyone will do it, it's the SNP.


More push-back, everywhere!

Go to the Citizens Trade Campaign site, and get connected with folks in your community who are organizing for push-back inside the USA against these corporate rule agreements.


I will take a look at that. Many people fought to stop Fast Track Authority and TPP here in the US and lost, most are, duh, what is TPP? I understand that it is not in concrete yet but almost. I will do what ever I can to stop TPP, not sure what groups if any are doing a effective fight on this, it's been quiet on the fight side lately.


Make your home and community a TTP-free zone, with appropriate stickers. Big things start simply.


What do you call those who change back and forth because of politics? Hillary comes to mind.


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