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Grassroots Power Stalls Trumpcare


Grassroots Power Stalls Trumpcare

Rafael Diaz

March 23rd, the seventh anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), turned into a better day for the people of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, than it was for House Speaker Paul Ryan, President Donald Trump, and our congressman, Rep. Lloyd Smucker.

While the politicians in Washington were scuttling the vote on their disastrous health care repeal plan, more than two hundred of us gathered in Penn Square to demand health care for all in an event organized by Keystone Progress, Lancaster Stands Up, and LCDC Rapid Response Team for Healthcare.


Anyone else notice the conspicuous absence in this article?

It's called the Democratic Party.

Moral of the story: take back your government--just like these grassroots activists are doing--by becoming part of a bottom-up attack on the corrupt duopoly that colludes to serve corporate power.

The status quo won't listen to you when you support it with your votes. Harness the imagination and will it takes to confront it and destroy it!

You want single payer? Demand it in the streets in no uncertain terms!


The fight right now is not to lock in a system that's worse for everyone, and that's what the present bill being considered is. It's literally a grab-bag of the most deplorable things you could do to people. We all want single payer, but let's try and get a win where we can right now. If you live in a red district like me, I urge you to call your congress person. This is a Republican bill and it's only Republicans who can stop it in the House.


Trumpcare for the un-wealthy rivals any scheme devised by that great humanitarian Al Capone, and will produce thousands more corpses.


That's the spirit, KC, keep your powder dry for the day that single payer's gonna come...some time...in the future...not yet, but...in a hazy, distant epoch...

In the meantime, I'm with other commenters who have seen the wisdom in having passage of TrumpCare set the stage for the inevitable backlash that ushers in single payer. You know, the system that Democrats took off the table along with even a measly public option at the behest of their insurance company puppet masters.

Thanks for your advice, but I'll be hounding my rep about single payer well in advance.


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I can't help but think it was the Koch brothers, not grassroots, that will stop this bill...


Good points, SkepticTank, ignore the DNC Apology Bots.


Interestingly enough, Al Capone was responsible for the "sell by date" on Milk Cartons.

He had made a huge money donation to the City of Chicago to provide Milk for Underprivileged Kids, and made the 'sell by date' a condition, so that the kids would not have to endure sour milk, as he had, as a child.