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Grassroots Progressives Launch Campaign to Oust Corporate Democrat Who Votes With Trump 70% of the Time


Grassroots Progressives Launch Campaign to Oust Corporate Democrat Who Votes With Trump 70% of the Time

Jake Johnson, staff writer



I want to see that list that Progressives begin with Cuellar.
Who is next?
How far down is Pelosi?


Now wouldn’t that be the icing on the cake if these Grassroots Progressives ousted Pelosi?


Rep. Henry Cuellar is what one gets through blind party allegiance. All Democrats ARE NOT created equal. Vigilance must always be maintained–this from a lifelong Independent.


On my list Pelosi and Schumer are tied for #2


“On my list Pelosi and Schumer are tied for #2.”

It’s only a matter of time.
Sooner, the better.


Cueller is definitely a good target to pick. His district is pretty solidly Democrat (Trump lost there by 20%) and he has the highest rate of voting with Trump of any Democrat in Congress - even higher than Joe Manchin in the Senate who at least represents a solidly red state…


In my opinion Pelosi and Schumer ARE number two.


While the Tea Party was seizing hold of the GOP the GOP infiltrated the Democrats. Get rid of Trump by all means necessary then organize to strengthen the Greens and Eco-Socialists.


Krysten Sinema, newly promoted to the Senate from the House in AZ, voted with the r-party 62% of the time, including twice already in her brief Senate career to ban BDS. Primary her ass.


Its about fuckin time! All such political frauds should be ousted…better to have an acknowledged RepubliCon in office than one wearing false colors! Maybe if the DP establishment would actually fund a progressive, not an R’Con clone or DINO fraud many seats would be winnable!


If you go on the misnamed website “Democratic Underground” you will see endless support for these DINOs like Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer and Feinstein. Another sellout I’d like to see ousted is Manchin of West Virginia. Also, Chuck Schumer is actually a Republican at heart who needs to keep running as a Democrat because he couldn’t win in blue state New York if he didn’t. Just because he and Nancy are sort of standing up to Trumpo the Klown now about his idiot wall in no way erases his record of siding with neo-liberal and conservative issues as well as being a shill for Israel.
We need a real Democratic party like it was 30 or more years ago - a true opposition party to this scum who call themselves Republicans. We also need to see the DCCC and the DNC abolished. They have decided that the real wishes of the American people (as proved in poll after poll) should be abandoned in favor of their rich donor base.


Ocasio-Cortez, You Go Girl…and Keep up the Good Work.

Your Objectives are right on Target. We Will support You

Watch Your Back though, we’ll Cover You, but it’s Vicious Out There.


He is the Chuck Schumer of Texas. He needs to run as a Demo to appease the voters while selling them out in vote after vote. Texas asshole.


How about getting the workers paid, then think about other matters.


I voted for Sinema over her far right republican challenger, Martha McSally, who our governor appointed to take the place of McCain. It was difficult filling in that oval, knowing she is almost as bad as McSally. I’ve called her office several times on different issues, but never get a response. I’m sure if I was a lobbyist, a well-connected rancher, Mormon (lots of them in this state and they are very conservative), or someone with lots of money, she’d call, email, or write back. It doesn’t seem she represents the bulk of those who voted for her. She won’t support net neutrality and seems to be quite popular with Pelosi and Shumer and the rest of the republican lites. She may as well be a republican and she needs to be high on that list, even though she has 6 years (dammit) before she is up for re-election.


And Obama admired Ratguns!


These grass roots progressives keep ending up being fake DNC think tank marketing campaigns to lead us back.

Look at Ocasio Cortez. She’s STILL telling us she’s a poor girl raised in the Bronx when she was raised in the 2nd wealthiest area of New York - Westchester and caught in bold face lies all over the place about it. And political newbies don’t have political oriented degrees and work on high level position (director) of massive political insider campaigns - Ted Kennedy. She also worked on Bernie Sander’s campaign and he champions her.

That woman lies like Obama. And yeah, I believed her the first time but it fell apart when the blatant lies got replaced with opposite blatant lies and you can watch her speaking them side by side. Hey she bused to Westchester for 40 mins everyday because her parents wanted her in better schools than in the Bronx. Now it’s that she bussed to the Bronx occasionally to visit extended family. Her family owned their home in wealthy Westchester since she was two but she keeps saying she was “raised” in the Bronx and she’s “from” the Bronx.

Her bartender story is worthy of a DNC invention completely with sloppy mistakes all over including her two interviewed coworkers. Hey, it was in the Bronx, no it was in Manhattan, no it was in Boston, no wait… it was in 2008, no it was this year while she was running, no wait she was a director of housing at a Latino Institute at the time… oh wait … she needs to get her stories straight.


What is BDS


Boycott Divest Sanction, a movement bringing economic pain to Israel in precisely the same way we bring pain to countries like Iran. Except BDS can’t freeze Iranian funds held in US banks like we did to Iran.