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Grassroots Progressives Launch Campaign to Oust Corporate Democrat Who Votes With Trump 70% of the Time


I am in his district (Laredo) and have been communicating with him constantly about his votes. All I ever get is BS.


The same thing that helped run the Afrikaners out of the government of South Africa.


“Don’t attack your own people”???
Ocasia comes in and CLEARLY sees CORRUPTION both GOP&DEMS.


And that is what we want us and leadership to CHANGE.


Once they have established their gravy trains, they are impossible to derail. I have a congressman just like yours. Good luck.


Skeptic, she lied about her whole past. She is a convincing DNC marketing campaign.

Only the Greens will get my vote from here on out. It took me 5 minutes of vetting ocasio cortez to find out she is a fake. I wanted to believe in her. Run from the DNC, they have the most convincing sociopaths. Obama was an excellent one. Why would you trust this woman who grew up in the 2nd richest area of New York but is lying about growing up in the Bronx? She’s a fraud out the gate.


Ron, what kind of person finds out someones’ whole back story is a lie and keeps supporting them?

The INTELLIGENT thing to do is VET before you insult people. By the way, knee jerk reactions and ad hominem attacks are NOT intelligent ways to think or discuss politics.

Educate yourself. And, don’t forget to come back an apologize for your offensive and un-informed post when you get informed.


I’ll stick with my assessment: Imperfect messenger, but staying on message.


Clarify. You are posting against the rules, by being intentionally unclear.

Did you got to the NY times or Yonkers times and vet?

Excuse me. Are you saying Cortez is an imperfect messenger?

She’s staying on message like Obama and Bernie have. However, with her we get to find out she is a marketing campaign from the start. Every thing she ran on is a lie. Sje’s supposed to be a political outsider when in fact she worked on Ted Kennedy’s campaign as a director, and other campaigns as well. She also got a degree in foreign relations which keeps showing up in politics. The Institute of Foreign Affairs itself is a deep Hillary associated deep state run propaganda training college. I haven’t seen Ocasio-Cortez linked with it yet but I suspect that will surface.

There’s no chance that woman exists in a vacuum. She was trained.


I’m saying I can forgive her fraudulent portrayal of her roots, amongst other dishonesty.

She is, after all, a politician.


Yes, but lets not forget Obama and Bernie. Both turned out to be the opposite of what they portrayed.

I worked on both of their campaigns - but refused to be on Obama’s or donate on his 2nd run. I got to find out within 2 weeks of his election, what he was and sadly I was still saying, “give him a chance.”

For Bernie, I was apologizing until he was standing behind Clinton, supporting her at a campaign speech and she was calling for Syrian no fly zones - which would stop aid to Syria and provoke a conflict with Russia.

Bernie has spent the last 3 years telling us Russia stole our election and it’s Russia who made us hate Hillary. I believe that kind old man is a sociopath like Obama at this point. Who else says one things and then supports the duopoly and war party. Who would trust ANYONE supporting Clinton?

My point on Cortez, is EVERYTHING she said she was has fallen to pieces now.

She’s the piper leading everyone back to the DNC. She’s a DNC marketing campaigin.

Sure she says all the right things, but vote Green. Unless you haven’t had enough of sociopaths yet. All those night raids on immigrant families and drones dropping bombs on children that Obama did has convinced me that we need to stop trusting campaign words and start looking at actions.

Cortez IS just like Obama - well and passionately spoken, all the right words - however all is a lie. Why ignore it?


And my point is that if she pied piper’s people to the DNC, they were going anyway.

I wo’t be, neither will you, nor will anyone with half a brain.