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'Gratuitously Cruel': Outrage as GOP Tries to Prevent People on Unemployment From Also Receiving Stimulus Check

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/17/gratuitously-cruel-outrage-gop-tries-prevent-people-unemployment-also-receiving


No more F22s nor F35s until the last child is fed & educated!


The last two days hospitals reported 110,000 admissions for each day. With thousands of deaths. What are they waiting for, Christmas? It just shows how divorced they are from the reality of average people. Shame on them.


Are they men or ghouls?

What they remind me is that it is always up to us, collectively but also, importantly, individually, to create what could be a heaven rather than the hell we witness. The “godless” Communists are closer to my heart than these folks.

I am reposting this as appropriate:

If we wish for America to be Made Great Again (and who of us doesn’t), it must be made no less pristine than it was before the arrival of Columbus; barring that, we must carry on with a vision of brother & sisterhood hither fore unknown to us. That is, we must seek out the vision of a mature humanity without distinction of race, ethnicity, religion or any “ism” that might otherwise negate the others purity. The pristine nature of what this land once was. Not till then will America become great again. Neil J. Smith


Saving the money to bail out the big 4 airlines, said to be $18.B.

Same airlines that blew through $45B buying back their own stock. Don’t you just love capitalism American Style.


What they propose is nothing more than “rewarding” only those who have, the poor be damned. "Christian " fascists like to misinterpret the teaching of their own “faith” so as, always, to serve their narrow, bigoted, cruel point of view.


“Theodore Roosevelt’s commitment to conservation is well known. Less well known was the 26th president’s ill-fated attempt to ban Christmas trees at the White House. Why? So many trees were cut down for the holidays, he believed, that it was contributing to deforestation—and he wanted to set an example for the country.”

In 1997 the White House had 37 Christmas Trees and in 2008 there were 26.


In Paul Street’s last column, he fished up a quotation from human rights lawyer Michael Coard which perfectly encapsulates my everlasting apprehension. Even worse, in deadly effect, than fulminating politicians right this moment, is the behavior of my fellow steerage passengers on the ship of fools USA. They spread the scourge with reckless abandon because they’re lunatics, not because anyone is forcing them. Millions of US Americans subscribe to a death-cult yearning for ghastly extremes. That, more than suits in hallways, is what’s got me spooked: my fellow US Americans.

“Those 74 million are absolutely frightening. They want a moron to be a permanent dictator. That’s what they want. They want to go back to the Jim Crow era. They want to disenfranchise Americans. They want to go back to the anti-science era of the Dark Ages. They want to go back to or create the Handmaid’s Tale. This is not hyperbole.”


Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, USA’s death-rate continues its ascent beyond record heights, for the whole span of this national outbreak. We’re approaching 4K deaths-per-day on the daily count. Going by the 7-day average, one of us US Americans perishes of Covid every 33.6 seconds, at this writing.

Step Right Up – a Tom Waits miniature portrait of USA, beyond classic – comes to mind…


If the media did its job informing Americans about what Republicans are doing, there would be no Republican party. Americans may be naive when it comes to politics, but, when informed, they will make the right decisions. I hold FOX news responsible for the failure of democracy in this country: viewers feel they are informed when they are not.


These devils are beyond despicable. Really makes you wonder about those who support them.


Oh those on unemployment are just rolling in the dough. True, they are not as bad off as those not receiving unemployment. Hey, why not just exclude those receiving disability or SS. No, it’s mean as usual. Scrooge would be so proud.


And therein lies one of America’s great anti-collectivist problems. We have been led to believe by our corporate sponsored overlords that unemployment benefits and retiree benefits are an either/or proposition. They are not. Yet our selfish dumb assed senior population that site around watching Fox, listening to Limbaugh, and fearing black people, genuinely believe this false dichotomy to be true.
Besides, if the supposedly most prosperous nation in the history of the world can’t take care of its aged, indigent, and unemployed at the same time, then we’re not really prosperous are we?
The system needs to change. But, as another commenter stated above, there are 74 million America adults who would just as soon see people starving on the street and freezing in their modest homes than to actually change the system. As writer Kevin Phillips stated so bluntly in a book many years ago, poor white Americans would gleefully starve, just so long as they died knowing that black people starved to death first.


No matter where one falls in the mix, unemployed, underemployed, employed, retired, these ridiculously low stimulus bills are meant to not just be a lifeline to those in need, they are also meant to shore-up our flailing economy. Knowing the basics of how our economy works, that there is no limit, especially during a crises, to the amount our government could and should spend to keep the economy afloat, we must start to acknowledge that the oligarchy has decided a functioning economy is not needed to maintain their level of opulence, and they’re not going to support it any more.
That posters here on CD are arguing about the amount, or who gets what amount, are missing the bigger picture, the entire country and it’s failing economic system has been rendered obsolete by those in charge of it, while we watch the system go down in flames taking a large amount of the population with it.


I’m afraid what you are advocating for us to continue America’s race to the bottom.
For forty years now, Americans that lost their benefits and worked for little or no raises have, instead of demanding that their employers give those benefits back, they bitched about and envied those that still had them, their attitude being, if I had to give up my healthcare and pension, why shouldn’t you.
And now we see what that anti-collective attitude has done to the USA. People are working for the same amount of money they did forty years ago. Only about half the jobs created in the past twenty years even offer benefits like healthcare or a 401K match. Unions are almost non existent as post Reagan America blamed those greedy, lazy union workers for them losing their jobs and benefits instead of America’s emerging oligarchical power structure.
In short, we shouldn’t be pushing people down. We should be lifting them up. Instead of complaining about unemployed workers making more sitting at home than minimum wage workers make on th snob, how about fighting for a living wage for everyone?


Once again, how many of our Senators, the sacred 100, are millionaires?

Really, from that perspective it’s very easy to be out of touch.


Any sitting Congresscritter from either party who is not a millionaire simply needs to vote the corporate welfare slates and there will be a K Street gig starting at $2 million per year with their name on it when they are voted out or retire.

More critical than Congresscritter net worth is why 70 plus million voters voted for Trump AND re-elected all* of the GOP Senators on November 3 ? As bad as the Democrats are, it is amazing how many voters think Republicans are the somehow better ?

Note*: Mark Kelly was running against an appointee, not an elected Senator.


Capitalism any style is economic slavery.


I believe the answer is, all of them


…The Fascist GOP just needs to die, there will be no peace or common prosperity until then…

I honestly can’t think that that’s true, though it does look like it on the surface.

Only a small percentage of people are truly suicidal. Yet to “go back to the anti-science era of the Dark Ages” would be suicide for the majority of humans on Earth if for no other reason than crop yields were very low.

What seems much more likely to me is that many people have a hard time distinguishing between reality and fiction if both are represented as reality. Think of the “War of the Worlds” hoax: some listeners, having missed the opening, were completely taken in. Or the Vietnamese cop shooting dead the VC on live tv. Compare that with a vignette from a cop show in which some actor is “shot dead”. Why would the VC being executed seem more real to a viewer?

If an official-looking delegation were to go to those people and say “we’ve been watching you and think you might like to take part in a 6-month experiment we’re conducting. You would live your life without science or secular government. You would have to go to mass at least once a week, you could be thrown in prison for cussing, you’d work as a farm laborer, walk everywhere you go, have no electronics or powered machinery of any kind…” how many would say “YES!”? Not many, I bet. And if you didn’t tip them off beforehand about what it would entail, they’d all be screaming blue murder in less than a week.

It’s like the SCA: damned few of the participants choose to be a peasant as their alter ego!