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Greasing the Outstretched Palms of the Candidates


Greasing the Outstretched Palms of the Candidates

Michael Winship

The recipe could not be simpler. Mix cynicism with greed, quickly stir and voila! American politics and government served up on a platter to the highest bidder.

Call it low cuisine. And it doesn’t get any lower than what we’ve seen during this wretched campaign season — a presidential contest that, as one friend in Washington recently said, pits “the unethical versus the unhinged.”


"How can you be sure a Hillary Clinton White House will be any different? Given all the evidence, given the billions of dollars in play, you can’t.

But here’s one hopeful sign "


It is global and it is calling the shots, whether termed: The Council on Foreign Relations, The Bilderbergers, or any other "New World Order" consortium. However, any mention of this thing is quickly dismissed as "a conspiracy theory":

"We are dealing, Ryan Grim and Daniel Marans recently wrote at The Huffington Post, with “a worldwide capitalistic system in which oligarchs, corporate CEOs and celebrity heads of state mingle to form a global elite that dictates a global agenda. This can sometimes take the form of quid pro quos, but it is more often a subtle form of exchange, in which exclusion from or inclusion within an elite club depends as much on whom you know as the size of the check you can write."

And while few things are more despicable than having underwater homeowners subsidize bonuses to crooked bankers (the same ones who gamed the economy resulting in massive losses), I think it's factually inaccurate to say that the banks immediately paid back the loans.

That was the cover story. You know, using the magic "7" to identify the $700 billion loaned.

It does NOT speak to the various Q.E. (Qualitative Easing) "programs" that essentially gave big banks the chance to print money to the tune of several TRILLION dollars; and THAT was never paid back.

As a matter of fact, while savings obtained a near ZERO interest rate, credit cards remained in double digits.

So the banksters hustled the economy. Sunk it and then were bailed out. On top of that they were literally handed trillions and as a "thanks" to good ole taxpayers, they gave US the royal screw in the form of high interest on our credit card and student loan and medical debt payments.

The only thing worse are those who make a $--a killing from war, and therefore have incentive to make wars and keep foreign lands awash in bloodshed.


Thanks to Dodd/Frank legislation the five too-big-to-fail banks that controlled 25% of US bank assets when they crashed the economy in 2008 now control nearly 50% and growing. All at the expense of the community banks, Main Street economy and US taxpayers who will spent $16 trillion in bail outs and will spend more when the next crash hits..


"The leading culprit was Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf: “Between 2012 and 2015, years in which the bank faced $10.4 billion in misconduct penalties, Stumpf pocketed more than $155 million in fully deductible performance pay. This works out to $54 million in tax subsidies for Wells Fargo — just for one man’s bonuses.” And this at a time when the bank was holding some 85,000 mortgage loans in foreclosure."

I had to stop here and gag. DON'T WE ALL GET IT YET????? It is war. War between large untouchable corporations and the rest of us. We will be sucked to our knees and when it is all over we will be saying "Thank you Sir, May I have another?"
When one man receives bonuses of about 40 million per year while kids are starving in our own country we have to F'n wake up!


OH come on, BUT she's a woman and she is going to want to be the best "First Woman Pres." in the history of the world. A shining beacon of hope for all us women and a grand roll model to all little girls out who can finally say and truly believe that "I want to be President one day too." Just as our first African American President did so much for this country and fought for the injustices done to Black Americans.................OK I can't even be a smart ass about this and not feel completely sick to my stomach. It is so sad and utterly twisted that I feel like this is some sort of sick nightmare. They have to understand that first comes civil disobedience then comes bloody revolution. I think they are doing a "suck" and run. They will bleed all the wealth out of the US and then high tail it when it finally collapses again. Off to greened pastures of emerging economies and pure land to rape and pillage. If they can't shackle us with a new Global trade deal/non-accountable governance then they take us down and move on. Either way we are going to have to fight or submit.


They won't leave. They want everything.


I find this type of attack on Trump at the end of the above sentence to be disgusting and as irrelevant as discussing some aspect of Clinton's body. The size of his hands is pointless, even more what is being implied. It's a base attack on the man and on all men when penis size becomes a part of a political debate.

I would hope that Common Dreams would stick to a discussion of issues and character, not stoop to this kind of nonsense.


Oh, please. I found it humorous.


Yes, sadly, you are probably right. I actually had a dream last night that all the satellites were hacked and true news and activists took over. GREAT DREAM!!!!!


Outstanding and informative article. Thanks, Michael.