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Great Barrier Reef "Is Dying Under Our Watch”


Great Barrier Reef "Is Dying Under Our Watch”

Andy Rowell

“Do we really care so little about the Earth on which we live that we don’t wish to protect one of its greatest wonders from the consequences of our behaviour?”

That is the question posed at the end of Sir David Attenborough’s three-part documentary on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, which has just been screened in Australia.


The thing is that oligarchy doesn't care. The big money interests simply don't care. It is hard for regular people to believe but when there is money to be made those who will make it just don't care about anything else.

First the reefs then the oceans then ...?


When you have millionaires, former bankers, lawyers and accountants for Members of Parliament, what can you expect?

Certainly a complete lack of attention concerning science.


They are members of the Church of Greed Insatiable and Avarice Incarnate. Science is irrelevant to the religious dogma. To interfere with profits is a sin.