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Great Embarrassments of an Unequal Society


Great Embarrassments of an Unequal Society

Paul Buchheit

America has experienced "gush-up" rather than "trickle-down." The shame is on the adherents of unregulated free-market capitalism, who have assaulted us with the message of "winner-take-all" wealth over the common good. George Willperpetuates the neoliberal myth by quoting one of his idols, John Tamny: "Income inequality in a capitalist system is truly beautiful...it provides the incentive for creative people to gamble on new ideas.."


Money is a piss-poor mechanism by which to decide anything.


Perhaps you would prefer Cuba or Venezuela where everyone(except their leaders) is equal-equally poor.


Also, this whole bizarre and sick notion that the only incentive for humans to be creative is this supposed universal desire for wealth and power.


Or you could go to Norway or Finland, where their social-democratic governance was allowed to proceed without interference from the Monroe Doctrine, Big Oil, and the Chiqiuta Corporation, and everyone is equal - equally comfortably middle class.


In my view, the problems of inequality stem from leaders and rulers. Equality comes from the will of all the people.

Direct democracy


I know that no place is perfect but Norway still hunts whales and Finland is apparently one of Schäuble’s go to guys when it comes to screwing the Greeks. Go figure those two atrocities from those two countries.


Lord Bill Gates ‘donates’ computer equipment to schools as a profit motive for a guaranteed return on the donation as an investment. Computers are especially addictive to young people in games.


I was rebutting living standards argument of the right wing troll. And sorry, but hunting of whales does not rise to “atrocity” criteria as far as I’m concerned.


Pull up the ladder, I’m okay!


Meanwhile Microsoft bloat every machine with pointless updates that open security vulnerabilities, so you need even more updates, until your computer can’t cope and… well you go and buy a new machine that includes another updated version of their malware operating system! Anyone who has a Mac can sense the difference on a grand scale… not that Apple is an empire of saints!


If Jimmie Carter says we are no longer a functional democracy, but have become an oligarchy who am I to argue?
Go Bernie!


Money is too expensive. It costs the planet, millions of lives, poverty, ignorance and just about everything that is wrong in this world.


And Cuba has better healthcare than the US.


Unfortunately even Bernie won’t do away with the current Oligarchs.


My habit of parsimonious use of words fails me at times. I was largely thinking of the financial gamesmanship that accompanies money these days. “Pure” money, as a store of real value would work just fine if money as we know it did not suffer the faults of externalities (pollution, poverty, tax evasion, etc.). I have never seen pure money, but have heard it described…


Now now. We all know that wealth, or the accumulation of wealth equals virtue. Says it right in the bible…somewhere.


But he plans to raise their taxes and prevent them from buying elections. That would change things dramatically.


I don’t think anyone here advocates a society like that. We would like more equality, not total equality. We don’t believe the wealthy deserve to buy elections.


Thanks, I’ll look into it. A lot of my thinking was shaped, in part, during spirited conversations with a former colleague, the late H.T. Odum. He knew the sun was the source and the limit of humanity’s time on earth.