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'Great News!': Federal Court Voids Trump Administration's Discriminatory 'Conscience Rule'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/06/great-news-federal-court-voids-trump-administrations-discriminatory-conscience-rule

SCOTUS may be evil on this one.


Hello Andrea Germanos and Everyone,
I consider this just another speed bump on the road to conservative right wing crushing another in a long line of pieces of humanity. It will be worse in both five and ten years from now as the increasing number of conservatives involved in the judicial system destroy everything that they don’t like. What was once illegal will be made legal. I remember a country from history that did just that. It was located in Europe and decided that it wanted a piece of everywhere.


If Bernie and other progressives take power, they should figure out a way to remove reich-wing judges from our federal courts, otherwise rulings like this one will stop happening eventually.
As far as conscience, Trump supporters don’t have a conscience.

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Health care providers who don’t want to provide care for reasons of this or that personal belief need to find another job.


I worked as a skilled nurse’s aide and the few people I knew were bigoted were prevented from ever denying care to anyone. You treated everyone, no exceptions that were based on any bigotry. The hardest part was the bigotry of the residents we took care of.
90% of the staff were women, about 50% were african americans. I was one of the few males. We had one man whose goal was to make every woman cry with his insults.
But fortunately he was one of the few, very few. Most of the residents were good people.

I work in public health. I know how hard it is to deliver care to someone who is badmouthing me and insulting me the whole time.

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