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Greece for Sale: First Wave of Privatization Begins with Airport Buyout


Greece for Sale: First Wave of Privatization Begins with Airport Buyout

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Germany's approval of Greece's third bailout of €86 billion on Wednesday marked what critics of austerity warn is a new phase in the ongoing economic crisis: the privatization of the country's most valuable assets.

Under the terms of this latest agreement, Greece's Syriza government—backtracking on some of its key campaign promises—agreed to sell-off €50 billion in state property.


Oxi, Oxi, Oxi! Alas, gone like the Arab Spring and all but JEB! and Hillary in the next 6 months.


The Greek oligarchs aare members of the same Bankers and Billionaires Club and have the same agenda as their German, US, Canadian, UK etc. brethern.

Tsipras caved and hopefully a non-confidence vote will bring new elections but probably not as the corporate friendly members of the opposition will support him.

As Beppe Grillo says “It would be difficult to defend the interests of the Greek people worse than Tsipras did, his refusal to exit the euro was his death sentence. He was convinced that he could break the marriage between the euro and austerity, but ended up delivering his country into Germany’s hands, like a vassal.”

The 99% lost another battle, but not the war, Greece’s opposition to tyranny will rise again from the ashes of Tsipras’s cowardice.


This sell off of public assets must be followed closely. The privatization fever is only abated by the inability of the moneyed interests to find a way to sugar coat their actual intentions. Any negative consequences brought on by it must be brought to the attention of public because the mainstream media cannot be counted on to do more than parrot the corporate line. We see the smokescreen put up around privatized prisons. We can only expect the same thing with the Greek sell off.


“The rule of law” has become code for “I’ve got mine, now give me yours…”


A doctor as he wrote me a prescription one day (after considerable questioning on my part as to its advisability) mentioned that the reason doctors write so illegibly on [prescriptions is to signal the pharmacist that, “now that you’ve got yours, it’s my turn”. He was in his late 60’s and close to retirement when he disclosed that .


Same thing that’s been happening in New Orleans & Detroit, & also Baltimore where like Detroit, they’re beginning to turn off the water.


Does anyone know what a regional airport is worth? 1.2 Billion EU for 14 airports for 40 years sounds cheap to me, but I don’t really know the value of such things.


Quick! What is the Greek for “Yowsa Massa”?

  • It just goes on and on, all over the world. The uber rich make slaves of us all, as fast and as thoroughly as they can.
  • It would seem to me that 6.5 billion, the 99.999%, greatly outnumber the 0.001%.
  • We should be able to turn this around. BDS the banksters and war profiteers worldwide. Hit them in their pocketbooks.
  • The UN was designed to be a world forum for solving problems and disputes without war or violence. The inSecurity Council was a creation of the “Victors” of WW-II to make sure that no group of several hundred governments would be able to override anything the Council opposed. Time to shitcan the Council and return control to the actual United Nations!
  • It is time to rid the world, one way or the other, of the handful of Robber Barons who have robbed nations, robbed people, starved them, waged war upon them, all for their own profit.
  • Their ill gotten gains should be returned to the People of the World, to allow us to rebuild civilization and repair, to the best of our ability, the damage to the world, to its ecology.
  • The alternative is to resign ourselves to living as slaves, as serfs, at the mercy of the Robber Barons, until they decide to dispense with us.
  • I won’t do it! Will you?