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Greece, Iran, and the Rules of the Game


Greece, Iran, and the Rules of the Game

John Feffer

Alexis Tsipras had a choice. As the leader of the fledgling Syriza government in Greece, he could have told the European Union to stuff its austerity plan. He could have taken the risk that the EU would offer a better deal to keep Greece in the Eurozone. Or, failing that, he could have navigated his country into the uncharted waters of economic independence.


The view is quite different if one views the US (Washington) as the (main) conduit for power rather than the source of power. The Greeks were allowed to raise their voices in protest only to find that they were shouting into the wind, which proved itself to prevail.


Generally good piece, but Feffer should revisit the bit about Russia “gobbling up the Crimea” because Ukraine renounced her nukes. Russia didn’t “gobble up” anything, John, and the Crimea didn’t vote to rejoin Russia because the Ukraine had no nukes. There was that little problem of US-installed neo-Nazis in Kiev…


“gobbling up the Crimea”
Yes, this is point I which I stopped reading and perhaps I am wrong but I saw this as a slanted piece.


This is an interesting piece and it shows someone trying to grapple with the real costs of staying in a rigged system. I think perhaps other readers have defined spots where the logic fails.

I am not sure what I would have done had I been the leader of Greece. The people deserve better and the more we hear about how the suffering plays out in Greece, the better it will be. People have got to confront the face of capitalistic greed. The fact is the system is not working–in Greece, in Puerto Rico, in towns in America. It’s not a fluke. It’s a feature of the profit driven system.


I am always suspicious of articles from these Foreign Policy think Tanks.

More often than not while giving the appearance they work towards progressive issues and values at the end of the day they merely tools used to deliver propaganda under the auspices of being “clear thinkers” and “progressives”.

This group Mr fefer works for just as example has among its contributers The Ford Foundation which would certainly not wish to see the Corporate State co-opted along with the Arca foundation, founded by a democrat pursuing the goal of electing Democrats with the source of the fund being a Tobacco Company.

In reading such articles one will always find a seemingly reasonable argument and good points made as this directed towards a certain group of peoples that being those that question the Status Quo. The reader must however be very careful of what else is being delivered in the article because things like “Muslims were behind 9/11 and Russia Gobbled up the Crimea” became part of accepted fact due to articles such as this.

Propaganda is at its most effective when the people that are seemingly “on your side” or have your same values are the ones delivering it.


Agree. Very much. While he is an excellent writer, I see a very elegantly disguised propagandized evaluation of the Ukrainian case, and similarly a very limited one on Israel. Again a poor evaluation of the Greek case - which does not take into account their cultural society and the informal or gift economy that have played a significant role in the decision to not leave EU. And - Greece will become the next Albania??? or has joined the East??? from what perspective??? This is more like kitchen table conversation early morning right after waking up. Honestly, although this is classy writer - this article has nothing new to tell. It was in 6th grade that I became aware of how the world runs.


“Russia gobble up Crimea”


Crimea joined Russia via popular referendum and anyway, it was Russian when we Brits, aided by the French who took Sevastopol, invaded it back in the 1850s.