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Greece is for Sale – and Everything Must Go


Greece is for Sale – and Everything Must Go

Nick Dearden

I've just had sight of the latest privatisation plan for Greece. It's been issued by something called the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund –the vehicle supervised by the European institutions, which has been tasked with selling off an eye-watering €50 billion of Greece's ‘valuable assets’.


In due course, as reality intrudes these assets can again be seized by the people. Investors in such vulture capitalism will once again lose their shirts and sooner or later even Germany and the USA will run out of the wherewithall to bail them out. This time is nearer than many suspect.


Absolutely, as long as these assets are still in Greece a Greek government of the people can nationalize them as has been done elsewhere in the past. And it can’t happen too soon, if you ask me.


“Why does this matter? First because makes no sense to sell off valuable assets in the middle of Europe’s worst depression in 70 years. Those industries could generate revenues to help the Greek government rebuild the economy. In fact, the vast majority of the funds raised will go back to the creditors in debt repayments, and to the recapitalisation of Greek banks.”

What is framed as NOT making sense is Phase II of the Shock Doctrine.

Imagine the depth and breadth of this fraud in that money was PRINTED and HANDED to banks. This money was never earned and never based on tangible assets. It’s entirely fabricated out of thin air.

Then, with that money loaned to nations like Greece, contracts were written that demanded what never COULD be repaid; and certainly not through the metrics outlined.

With defaults on these loans, those who were handed assets FREE and clear walk in and turn the nation into a corporation facing a hostile takeover.

The brutal rules of the corporately-driven marketplace are now being applied to cities like Detroit and nations like Greece. However, just as can be surmised from the lives of criminals–incarcerated–in the company of others of “like mind” they learn to improve their dark arts, a/k/a criminal activities. Essentially, that’s what criminal banking elites are up to and NO nation, neither any People is exempt. According to the rules of commerce, trade, and enterprise that THEY drew up, they figure they own it all!


Truly sickening. I am not as optimistic as some of you that the road to re-nationalization of public utilities will still be open. I hope you are right, though, of course.


Admirable perspective, ChrisH, and I also want to see the Greek people have the moxie and determination to stand up to vulture capitalism and protect their national treasures.


Anyone still not understand ownership is theft?


They could pull one of those Argentina oil company stunts where a Spanish company bought oil extraction rights, and after all was set up they nationalized, just to “re-privatize” ir again when they couldn’t make profit from it.


“Those industries could generate revenues to help the Greek government rebuild the economy.”

If any of those assets are generating a profit the Greek govt would be stupid to sell them, but my guess is, just like the Greek railroad they are money losers. If they would be revenue generators like the author implies Greece probably would not have to be bailed out 3 times.


Looks like fascism to me!


So Greece is to be “New Zealandised”. Same thing happened in New Zealand starting in 1984 under the then Labour Party government.

The Greeks will thank we Brits yet for stealing their Elgin marbles. At least they are on public display in a public institution and not gracing the walls of the private residence of some Hun banker.


But, was that the original intent when the Elgin Marbles were purloined by the Brits?
No, George, this twist of fate does no in any way let you folks off he hook…


Message of hope. I am not too hopeful myself. We’ll see, won’t we?


Yup. It walks and quacks like it; so it must be it.


Nag nag nag, give us a break! They would probably have been sprayed with graffitti by a USAian teenage tourist, or stolen by a Turk, or would have rotted under the relentless onslaught of Athenic pollution. Look, we stole a whole continent for you lot of ingrates and all we wanted was a set of Grecian marbles…plus some odd bits from the pyramids which had been overlooked by the Egyptian grave robbers…We had a tough childhood and adolescence, raped and pillaged by Italians from Rome, assorted north German tribes, then some more north Germans who had earlier migrated to Scandinavia and who went by the name of Vikings, then the bloody Normans descended from Vikings descended in turn from north Germans. Dammit, don’t you realise that it is our cultural Romano-GERMAN heritage to steal stuff from the Greeks? All Germans do it!


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I have never heard of Pat Paulson. Nor Paul Patson.