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Greece: No to Austerity, Yes to Democracy


Greece: No to Austerity, Yes to Democracy

Dale Wiehoff

The people of Greece are at a critical moment as the country teeters on the verge of financial default. This is a clear case of the people against global banks and financial institutions. The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy urges all of our friends and allies to stand together with the Greek people and say no to the banks.


You got to be joking if you believe Obama will lift a hand against the IMF and side with the people against the banks. He hasn’t done it for his own people in the US, why would he do it for the Greeks?
The best thing Greece could do is to default and return to their own currency. Reclaim their sovereignty and independence and start producing for themselves instead of relying on imports and exports.
There are enough countries in the world ready and willing to stand by them, and they would be far better out of the European common market that has brought this disaster down on their shoulders.


They are down 2 billion. U.S. Gives 38 billion annually for forn aid. Not loans, aid. So says Google. Not a dime for Greece?


Well if the IMF won’t help the Greeks (and mostly their fraudulent bankers), and the Greeks say fk-off, I see no reason why they shouldn’t seek help from the Bricks Countries- (Brigcks?)Surely their shipping ports for commerce would be of some value- If the West and the Germans will not pay War reparations, and yes England, Germany and the US do owe them War reparations for returning Fascist post WW-2 rule through violent overthrow of the Greek resistance fighters, then maybe they should look for commerce elsewhere…Greece and Italy would probably be just fine today had Churchill, The Royal Windsor (German) Dynasty, Truman and even Joe Stalin acted differently after Hitler was defeated…


But isn’t that 2 billion just interest on the debt?